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NAQFC Operational Predictions

Products Implementation Date Operational Readiness Review Briefings
Ozone (NE U.S.) September 2004 Initial implementation of ozone predictions for northeastern U.S.
Smoke (CONUS) February 2007 Initial implementation of smoke predictions for 48 contiguous states
Ozone (CONUS) September 2007 Expansion of ozone predictions to 48 contiguous states
Smoke (Alaska) September 2009 Expansion of smoke predictions to Alaska
Smoke (Hawaii) February 2010 Expansion of smoke predictions to Hawaii (nationwide)
Ozone (nationwide) September 2010 Expansion of ozone predictions to Alaska and Hawaii (nationwide)
Dust (CONUS) January 2012 Initial implementation of dust for 48 contiguous states
PM2.5 (nationwide) February 2016 Initial implementation of PM2.5 predictions nationwide

Particulate matter (PM2.5) predictions

PM 2.5 prediction image