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NGGPS Modeling Community, including FV3

NOAA NGGPS FV3-based Unified Modeling System: Vision for Community

Contributions from the numerical weather prediction community including NOAA, Navy, National Aeronautics Space Administration (NASA), and other federal agency laboratories and Universities, are being incorporated into an operational system to deliver the Next Generation Global Prediction System (NGGPS).  
Information on the many partners and collaborating organizations involved in the development of NGGPS can be found on the Community Partners page.

How to get involved

NOAA seeks to engage with the public, private, and academic sectors to develop and advance a world-class operational modeling system that is unified across time and space scales.  

Participate in NGGPS call for proposals


The NGGPS Program Office announces a Federal Funding Opportunity (FFO) for a Summer 2018 award. 


Round 3 of Research to Operations Initiative: NGGPS, HFIP and NOAA Testbeds Federal Funding Opportunities (FFO) are published on Grants.Gov


Round 3 of Research to Operations Initiative: NGGPS and HFIP 


The R2O Initiative is soliciting proposals for projects involving applied science, modeling and/or data assimilation that support development of the NGGPS at global and regional scales. The NOAA R2O Initiative is also soliciting proposals for the Hurricane Forecast Improvement Project (HFIP) initiative to engage and coordinate hurricane research required to improve operational hurricane forecasts and meet societal requirements to effectively mitigate economic disruption. The notice describes opportunities and application procedures to demonstrate capabilities that have the potential to be incorporated into operational NWS numerical weather prediction (NWP) analyses and forecasts. The R2O Initiative addresses NOAA's Weather Ready Nation (WRN) strategic goal and supporting objectives. Again, more formation can be found on the page.

Letters of Intent (LOI) are due December 8, 2017.  LOI's are strongly recommended.

Full proposals are due February 7, 2018.


Round 3 of Research to Operations Initiative: NOAA Testbeds


Applicants for this opportunity must work in partnership with NOAA testbeds and proving grounds (listed under NOAA's testbeds and proving grounds facilitate the orderly transition of research capabilities to operational implementation through development testing in testbeds, and pre-deployment testing and operational readiness/suitability evaluation in operational proving grounds.

Letters of Intent (LOI) are due December 13, 2017.  LOI's are required.

Full proposals are due February 7, 2018. 

More formation can be found on the page.

Participate in the Community Workshops:


Successful NOAA Community Modeling Workshop & Strategic Implementation Plan (SIP) Coordination Workshop in College Park, MD (April 18-20, 2017)

NOAA engaged with over 170 participants from the public, private, and academic sectors to help NOAA plan and establish the NOAA Modeling Community. The workshop took place at the NOAA Center for Weather and Climate Prediction (NCWCP) in College Park, MD. The workshop refined NOAA's vision for the weather model development community, examined priorities on system development and how it impacts the schedule, discussed how the community will be engaged in the process, and how community-based unified modeling will work. Through the workshop goals, NOAA:

  • Refined the community vision
  • Discussed how the community will be engaged in the process
  • How community-based unified modeling will work, including governance, code repositories, testing and evaluation, etc.
  • Determined priorities on system development and how it impacts the schedule

For further information, please click on the Meeting page Presentations and outcome of the discussions will be posted soon.

Get involved in the Strategic Implementation Plan (SIP) Working Groups


The SIP Working Groups are seeking members from the research and development community.  To inquire, please contact Steve Warren, NGGPS Program Office, 

NGGPS Funded Projects

As a community modeling effort, over $12M has been awarded to university and Federal PI's, fostering collaboration between universities, internal weather testbeds and Federal laboratories. Specific details can be found on the NGGPS Funded Projects page. 


A list of all STI funded projects, including those funded by NGGPS, can be found at Current STI Grants and Projects.

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