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ABRFC Forecast Precipitation


Quantitative Precipitation Forecasts (QPF) are predictions of precipitation amounts over an area. The ABRFC normally creates QPF forecasts for the Arkansas-Red Basin three times per day (00z, 12z, and 18z). The ABRFC also creates an additional QPF forecast at 06Z, when staffed overnight for flooding or heavy rainfall. ABRFC uses 24 hours of QPF in four 6 hour increments as an input into the hydrologic model year-round. When expected precipitation from approaching significant weather events extending beyond the 24-hour QPF time period would likely cause moderate or greater flooding, ABRFC has the ability to extend the time window for QPF input to the operational hydrologic model to an appropriately longer time period.

6-hour Periods


First 6-Hour Period

Second 6-Hour Period

Third 6-Hour Period

Fourth 6-Hour Period




Accumulated Totals



24-hour Total