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Potential Tropical Cyclone Sixteen Expected To Impact The Southeast U.S. Through The Weekend

Potential Tropical Cyclone Sixteen is forecast to develop on Friday before making landfall over the Florida Panhandle early Saturday. Tropical storm force winds, storm surge flooding, heavy rainfall, and dangerous rip currents are expected. The system will then track northeast and bring locally heavy rainfall and gusty winds to Georgia through the Carolinas this weekend as the storm weakens. Read More >


2000 Weather Reivew

Average High: 54.1 Normal High: 49.0
Average Low: 24.8 Normal Low: 21.2
Monthly Temp: 39.5 Normal Temp: 35.1
Temp Extremes: 73 (11th & 19th) / 10 (4th)
Precipitation: 0.24 Normal Pcpn: 0.50
Snowfall: 2.8 Normal Snowfall: 3.8
Records: Tie Record High Temp 73 on the 11th

Only snowfall in Amarillo was 2.8 inches on the 27 and 28th, with 4-8 inches of snow reported in the Oklahoma and Northwest Texas Panhandle. Very mild January, with 10 days above 60 degrees. Only two days did the high temperature manage to remain below freezing. The temperature on New Years Day reached 69 degrees.


Average High: 63.8 Normal High: 52.8
Average Low: 30.3 Normal Low: 25.5
Monthly Temp: 47.1 Normal Temp: 39.2
Temp Extremes: 82 (15th) / 16 (12th)
Precipitation: 0.04 Normal Pcpn: 0.61
Snowfall: Trace Normal Snowfall: 4.6
Records: 6th warmest Feb / 9th driest Feb

Severe thunderstorm outbreaks occurred on the 24th and 25th across the eastern Texas and Oklahoma Panhandles. Two tornadoes (F0 & F1) occurred on the 24th, one in Roberts County and one in Lipscomb County, resulting in approximately $500,000 in damage in Lipscomb County. These tornadoes were the first February tornadoes to be reported in the Texas Panhandle since at least 1950. Large hail also occurred on the 24th with baseball size hail reported in Roberts and Lipscomb Counties.


Average High: 63.5 Normal High: 61.6
Average Low: 34.8 Normal Low: 32.7
Monthly Temp: 49.2 Normal Temp: 47.1
Temp Extremes: 82 (20th) / 23 (11th)
Precipitation: 4.14 Normal Pcpn: 0.96
Snowfall: 0.5 Normal Snowfall: 2.9
Records: Wettest March on record

A line of severe thunderstorms with damaging winds swept across most of the Texas and Oklahoma Panhandles on the 7th. Approximately $700,000 damage occurred with the storms on the 7th. There were no tornadoes reported during the month.


Average High: 72.8 Normal High: 71.5
Average Low: 42.7 Normal Low: 42.1
Monthly Temp: 57.8 Normal Temp: 56.8
Temp Extremes: 93 (18th) / 30 (16th)
Precipitation: 0.43 Normal Pcpn: 0.99
Snowfall: 0.5 Normal Snowfall: 0.6
Records: Tied record high 88 (5th)


Monthly precipitation was below normal across the western Panhandles, including Amarillo and above normal across the eastern Panhandles where on average 2 to 3 inches fell. The only snow occurred on the 1st when 0.5 inches fell. The last freeze for the season occurred on the 16th and this was the only below freezing temperature for the month. Isolated severe thunderstorms occurred on the 15th, with all other severe weather occurring during the last week of the month. Notable severe weather outbreaks occurred on the 24th and 30th, occurring primarily across the eastern half of the Texas and Oklahoma Panhandles. No severe weather occurred across Potter or Randall Counties. There were no tornadoes reported during the month.


Average High: 85.5 Normal High: 79.1
Average Low: 53.9 Normal Low: 51.6
Monthly Temp: 69.7 Normal Temp: 65.4
Temp Extremes: 102 (23rd) / 37 (13th)
Precipitation: 1.14 Normal Pcpn: 2.48
Snowfall: 0.0 Normal Snowfall: Trace
Records: Record High 97 (6th) / 102 (23rd) second warmest day ever recorded in May
Other: 2 days at or above 100 degrees / 11 days above 90 degress


Severe thunderstorm outbreaks were limited to the last two weeks of the month. A major severe weather outbreak occurred on the 25th, with baseball size hail reported in southwest Amarillo, with an estimated $10 million in damage. This was the anniversary date of the severe hail which pummeled Amarillo in May 1999. Only 1 tornado for the month, an F0 in Deaf Smith County on the 25th. 5th straight month of above normal temperatures.


Average High: 82.9 Normal High: 87.6
Average Low: 61.2 Normal Low: 60.7
Monthly Temp: 72.1 Normal Temp: 74.1
Temp Extremes: 96 (20th) / 53 (17th)
Precipitation: 5.54 Normal Pcpn: 3.70
Records: Low Maximum Temp 66 (17th)
Other: 13th wettest June on record / 1st month of the year cooler than normal

The most active severe weather month across the Panhandles for the year. Severe weather occurred on the 1st, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 20th, 21st, 23rd, 25th and 26th. The most significant outbreak occurred on the 25th, primarily across the central and southeast Texas Panhandle resulting in approximately $50,000 in damage. Baseball size hail was reported just south of Borger. There were 4 tornadoes (F0). Two on the 13th, one in Ochiltree and one in Hemphill County. Two on the 25th, in Carson County. . A 9 year old boy was killed by lightning in Pampa on the 1st. Flash floods closed highways in Donley County on the 1st and Sherman County on the 11th.


Average High: 93.7 Normal High: 91.7
Average Low: 66.4 Normal Low: 65.5
Monthly Temp: 80.1 Normal Temp: 78.6
Temp Extremes: 104 (16th) / 61 (30th)
Precipitation: 0.16 Normal Pcpn: 2.62
Records: Record High 104 (16th)
Other: 3rd driest July on record / 3 days at/above 100 degrees

A warm and very dry month. Isolated severe weather events occurred on several days throughout the month. The most significant event occurred across the Oklahoma Panhandle on the 20th with 11 reports of thunderstorm wind gusts at or above 60 mph. A 43 year old woman was killed by lightning in Amarillo on the 28th.


Average High: 96.9 Normal High: 89.1
Average Low: 66.4 Normal Low: 63.8
Monthly Temp: 81.8 Normal Temp: 76.5
Temp Extremes: 102 (3rd & 4th) / 59 (1st)
Precipitation: 0.29 Normal Pcpn: 3.22
Records: Record High Tied 102 (4th)
Other: 3rd hottest and driest August on record / 6 days at/above 100 degrees

For the first time in history, every day was warmer than 90 degrees. The coolest days occurred on the 18th and 20th with a high of 93 degrees. A very dry month, no rain fell after the 7th. A prolonged dry spell which began July 1st continued. Only a handful of severe weather reports for the month.


Average High: 90.2 Normal High: 81.8
Average Low: 57.2 Normal Low: 56.4
Monthly Temp: 73.7 Normal Temp: 69.1
Temp Extremes: 102 (4th,5th,6th) / 33 (25th)
Precipitation: 0.03 Normal Pcpn: 1.99
Snowfall: 0.0 Normal Snowfall: Trace
Records: Record High Tied 102 (4th) Record High 102 (6th)
Other: 10th warmest and driest September on record, tied with 1977 / 5 days at/above 100 degrees

As prolonged three month drought continued with only 0.48 inches of rain since July 1st. A very warm start to the month, 5 days at or above 100 is also a record for September. No reports of severe weather across the Panhandles.


Average High: 70.9 Normal High: 72.5
Average Low: 48.3 Normal Low: 44.5
Monthly Temp: 59.7 Normal Temp: 58.5
Temp Extremes: 99 (3rd) / 32 (7th)
Precipitation: 3.95 Normal Pcpn: 1.32
Snowfall: Trace Normal Snowfall: 0.3
Records: Record High 95 (1st) 99 (3rd) Record High Min Tied 57 (23rd)
Other: 9th wettest October

99 Degrees on October 3rd was an all time record high temperature for the month. Severe weather occurred on the 14th, 23rd, 28th, 31st. An F0 tornado skipped across eastern Amarillo on the 23rd, resulting in minor damage. Numerous thunderstorm wind gusts over 60 mph reported on the 28th across the southern and eastern Texas Panhandle, including the Amarillo vicinity. Numerous reports of dime and nickel hail on the 31st across the south central Texas Panhandle. 32 degrees on the 7th was the only freezing temperature of the month and the first freeze of the season. Beneficial rains in the latter half of the month ends the 3 1/2 month long drought. 9 out of the first 10 months of the year were warmer than normal.


Average High: 51.6 Normal High: 59.7
Average Low: 27.6 Normal Low: 32.3
Monthly Temp: 39.6 Normal Temp: 46.0
Temp Extremes: 70 (30th) / 16 (9th)
Precipitation: 0.96 Normal Pcpn: 0.69
Snowfall: 8.9 Normal Snowfall: 1.9
Records: Low Max Temp 34 (8TH)
Other: 5th coldest Nov on Record

8.9 inches of snow fell on the 7th in Amarillo, while 4 to 12 inches of snow fell across much of the southern Texas Panhandle. The low temperature dropped below freezing 25 out of 30 days for the month. Only the first five days of the month did the low temperature remain above 32.


Average High: 44.9 Normal High: 50.1
Average Low: 21.2 Normal Low: 23.7
Monthly Temp: 33.1 Normal Temp: 24.5
Temp Extremes: 68 (17th) / 8 (12th)
Precipitation: 1.47 Normal Pcpn: 0.43
Snowfall: 21.2 Normal Snowfall: 2.8
Records: Record Snowfall 21.2

Snowiest December on record with 21.0 inches. The old record was 15.3 inches in 1987. Highest December 24 hour snowfall with 19.7 inches. The old record was 11.3 inches in 1987. Greatest snow depth was 15 inches. The old record was 13 inches in 1987.


2000 Summary
High Temperature for the Year: 104 / July 16th
Low Temperature for the Year: 8 / Dec 12th
Average Annual Temperature: 58.7 / Normal 56.9
Annual Precipitation: 18.39 / NORMAL = 19.56"
Annual Snowfall: 33.7" / NORMAL = 15.6"
14th warmest year on record.
Ranked 44th driest out of 109 years of records.