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Snow And Hazardous Travel Expected From The Rockies To The Northern Plains And Upper Midwest

A storm system will track from the Rockies to the Great Lakes through Monday. The storm will bring heavy snow, gusty winds, and hazardous travel conditions. Some of the snow will be heavy at times, with accumulations approaching one foot over northern Wisconsin and Minnesota. Conditions will improve Monday night into Tuesday. Read More >


 Significant Weather Events in the Texas and Oklahoma Panhandles

Channing Tornado
Amarillo Flooding
Heavy Snow
  2019 2018

January 3rd: Moderate to Heavy Snow Across the Eastern Texas Panhandle

February 17 End to 126 Day Dry Streak

March 13th: 80+ MPH Winds Across the Panhandles

March 18 Wildfires & Tornadoes
  March 22nd: 2 Tornadoes and Accumulating Hail

May 11 Pyro-Cumulonimbus Turned Severe Thunderstorm


April 17th: Severe Weather, Landspout Tornadoes, Tornado West of Higgins

May 27-28 Multi-day Supercells

  May 7th: 7 Tornadoes in the Texas Panhandle December 26-27 Severe Weather Then Snow Storm

June 18th: Supercell Impacts Borger and Pampa

  October 24, 2019: Snow Event  


May 16, 2017 Tornadoes   July 5-13 Heat 2nd Hottest Temp November 16 Tornado Outbreak
May 10 Overnight Tornadoes June 13 EF-2 Tornado  January 21-22 Snow
Rare Late April Snowfall and Blizzard May 22 Tornadoes   
January 13-16 Ice Storm May 16 Tornadoes   
January 5-6, 2017 Snow April 23 Tornadoes & Flooding  
  March 26 White Easter  
  March 23 Wildfire Outbreak  
2014 2013 2012
February 9-10 Factory Effect Snows February 12 Winter Storm February 2-3 Tornadoes
June 22-23 Severe Storms February 21 Winter Storm April 11 Hail Glacier
June 30 Severe Storms February 25 Blizzard April 30 Severe Storms
July 16 Severe Storms & Flooding May 28 Severe Storms August 20 Storms and Flooding
  August 7-8 Severe Storms and Flooding December 14 Tornadoes
2011 2010 2009
February 8-9 Winter Storm January 28 Winter Storm May 15 Tornadoes
February 16-17 Wildfires April 20 Severe Storms April 16 Severe Weather
February 27 Wildfire Outbreak April 22 Severe Storms March 26-28 Blizzard
June 11 Severe Storms May 18-19 Severe Storms  
July 22 Amarillo Microburst May 24-25 Heavy Rain and Severe Storms  
  June 12-13 Severe Storms and Heavy Rain  
  July 7 Record Rains  
  November 10-11 Flooding and Snow  
2008 2007 2006
June 4 Wildfire (Use IE) January 20 Winter Storm March Panhandle Wildfires
June 19 Severe Weather March 28 Tornado Outbreak August 21 Amarillo Flash Flood
August 11-18 Heavy Rain April 21 Tornado Outbreak November 29-30 Winter Storm
October 11-14 Heavy Rain (Use IE) May 23 Wolf Creek Flood December 18-20 Winter Storm
  June 19 Wind Event December 29 Winter Storm
   October 17 Tornado  
2004 2003 1947
June 21 Amarillo Hailstorm May 15 Tornado Outbreak April 9 Higgins-Glazier Tornado

 Climatological Data  

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