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 Significant Weather Events in the Texas and Oklahoma Panhandles

Channing Tornado
Amarillo Flooding
Heavy Snow
2026 2025 2024
    January 8th: Blizzard in the northern and western Panhandles
    February 10th-11th: Heavy Snow Northwest, South
    March 24th: Tornadoes and Dust
2023 - Year in Review 2022 - Year in Review 2021 - Year in Review
February 14th: High Winds and a Dust Storm February 2nd - 4th: Two Rounds of Snow and Dangerous Wind Chills February 9th - 16th: Two Rounds of Snow and Record Cold Temperatures
February 15th: Heavy Snow in the NW Panhandles March 21-22nd: Strong Winds and Heavy, Wet Snow March 13th: Nine Tornadoes
February 26th: High Winds, Dust Storm, and 2 Tornadoes May 1st: Wind Driven Hail May 26th, 29th, and 30th: Severe Storms, Tornadoes, and Rainfall
May and June: Multiple Days of Heavy Rain Leads to Historic Flooding   June 12th: Severe Storms with Damaging Winds
June 15th: Perryton Tornado   June 24th + 25th: Thunderstorm Wind Damage, Rain
December 13th-15th: Heavy Rain and Snow   July 4th: Severe Storms for Independence Day
    December 15th: High Winds, Wildfires
2020 - Year in Review 2019 - Year In Review 2018 - Year in Review
January 28th: Moderate to Heavy Snow Across the Northern and Eastern Panhandles

January 3rd: Moderate to Heavy Snow Across the Eastern Texas Panhandle

May 11 Pyro-Cumulonimbus Turned Severe Thunderstorm
February 4th: Light to Moderate Snow Band Across the Southern Texas Panhandle

March 13th: 80+ MPH Winds Across the Panhandles

November 11 Veteran's Day Winter Storm and Thundersnow
June 9th: High Winds, Fires, Blowing Dust Across the Panhandles March 22nd: 2 Tornadoes and Accumulating Hail

December 26-27 Severe Weather Then Snow Storm

June 19th: Severe Storms and Rainfall Across the Panhandles

April 17th: Severe Weather, Landspout Tornadoes, Tornado West of Higgins


June 21st: Widespread Severe Weather May 7th: 7 Tornadoes in the Texas Panhandle  
Oct 25-29: Multiple Rounds of Sleet, Ice, and Snow May 23rd: Eight Tornadoes in the Panhandles  
December 2nd: Heavy Snow in the Northeastern Panhandles

June 18th: Supercell Impacts Borger and Pampa

December 13th: Snow Across the Panhandles October 24, 2019: Snow Event  
2017 - Year in Review

2016 - Year in Review

2015 - Year in Review
May 16, 2017 Tornadoes   July 5-13 Heat 2nd Hottest Temp November 16 Tornado Outbreak
May 10 Overnight Tornadoes June 13 EF-2 Tornado  January 21-22 Snow
Rare Late April Snowfall and Blizzard May 22 Tornadoes   
January 13-16 Ice Storm May 16 Tornadoes   
January 5-6, 2017 Snow April 23 Tornadoes & Flooding  
  March 26 White Easter  
  March 23 Wildfire Outbreak  
2014 - Year in Review 2013 - Year in Review 2012 - Year in Review
February 9-10 Factory Effect Snows February 12 Winter Storm February 2-3 Tornadoes
June 22-23 Severe Storms February 21 Winter Storm April 11 Hail Glacier
June 30 Severe Storms February 25 Blizzard April 30 Severe Storms
July 16 Severe Storms & Flooding May 28 Severe Storms August 20 Storms and Flooding
  August 7-8 Severe Storms and Flooding December 14 Tornadoes
2011 - Year in Review 2010 - Year in Review 2009 - Year in Review
February 8-9 Winter Storm January 28 Winter Storm May 15 Tornadoes
February 16-17 Wildfires April 20 Severe Storms April 16 Severe Weather
February 27 Wildfire Outbreak April 22 Severe Storms March 26-28 Blizzard
June 11 Severe Storms May 18-19 Severe Storms  
July 22 Amarillo Microburst May 24-25 Heavy Rain and Severe Storms  
  June 12-13 Severe Storms and Heavy Rain  
  July 7 Record Rains  
  November 10-11 Flooding and Snow  
2008 - Year in Review 2007 - Year in Review 2006 - Year in Review
June 4 Wildfire (Use IE) January 20 Winter Storm March Panhandle Wildfires
June 19 Severe Weather March 28 Tornado Outbreak August 21 Amarillo Flash Flood
August 11-18 Heavy Rain April 21 Tornado Outbreak November 29-30 Winter Storm
October 11-14 Heavy Rain (Use IE) May 23 Wolf Creek Flood December 18-20 Winter Storm
  June 19 Wind Event December 29 Winter Storm
   October 17 Tornado  
2004 - Year in Review 2003 - Year in Review 1947
June 21 Amarillo Hailstorm May 15 Tornado Outbreak April 9 Higgins-Glazier Tornado

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