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2001 Weather Review

Average High: 44.2 Normal High: 49.0
Average Low: 25.4 Normal Low: 21.2
Monthly Temp: 34.8 Normal Temp: 35.1
Temp Extremes: 60 (22nd) / 11 (29th)
Precipitation: 1.67 Normal Pcpn: 0.50
Snowfall: 13.0 Normal Snowfall: 3.8
Records: None

January began with 10 inches of snow still on the ground from the Christmas / New Years Eve snow from December 2000. This ties the record for the most snow on the ground in any January. 10 inches was also measured on the ground in January of 1987. 13.0 inches of snow fell during the month, which was well above the normal monthly snowfall of 4 inches. Significant winter storms with heavy snow and ice occurred across much of the Texas and Oklahoma Panhandles on the 16-17th, and the 27-28th.

Average High: 54.0 Normal High: 52.8
Average Low: 28.4 Normal Low: 25.5
Monthly Temp: 41.2 Normal Temp: 39.2
Temp Extremes: 78 (19th) / 17 (27th, 28th)
Precipitation: 0.93 Normal Pcpn: 0.61
Snowfall: 1.4 Normal Snowfall: 4.6
Records: Record High 78 degrees on the 19th

February was relatively mild, but wetter than normal. Rare February severe thunderstorms, with dime size hail, moved across portions of the Oklahoma Panhandle on the 23rd, and severe thunderstorms with damaging winds moved across portions of Potter and Armstrong Counties on the 24th.

Average High: 56.4 Normal High: 61.6
Average Low: 33.6 Normal Low: 32.7
Monthly Temp: 45.0 Normal Temp: 47.1
Temp Extremes: 82 (21st) / 25 (1st, 16th)
Precipitation: 3.96 Normal Pcpn: 0.96
Snowfall: 1.8 Normal Snowfall: 2.9
Records: None

March was a relatively cool, wet, and stormy month. Widespread high winds resulted in scattered damage around the Texas Panhandle on the 14th. Severe thunderstorms affected portions of the Texas and Oklahoma Panhandles on the 10th, 14th, and 23rd. The first tornado of the season touched down near Texline on the 23rd. The tornado was rated an F0 and remained over open country.

Average High: 76.2 Normal High: 71.5
Average Low: 45.8 Normal Low: 42.1
Monthly Temp: 61.0 Normal Temp: 56.8
Temp Extremes: 88 (19th, 21st) / 36 (12th)
Precipitation: 0.49 Normal Pcpn: 0.99
Snowfall: Trace Normal Snowfall: 0.6
Records: Record High Minimum 58 degrees on the 5th

April was mild and very active. Numerous storm systems brought many windy days. Damaging severe thunderstorms raked the Panhandles on the 7th and 10th. Extensive wind damage was reported in Amarillo and throughout the Panhandles on the 7th. There were 7 tornadoes during the month. On the 7th, an F1 tornado struck Perryton in Ochiltree County. On the 10th, 3 tornadoes (F0, F1, F2) touched down in Beaver County of the Oklahoma Panhandle, an F1 tornado touched down near Fritch, an F2 in Hansford County, and an F2 in Wheeler County. Finally, an F0 tornado briefly touched down in Carson County on the 30th. The tornadoes damaged or destroyed numerous homes, businesses, and farm equipment.

Average High: 78.2 Normal High: 79.1
Average Low: 52.1 Normal Low: 51.6
Monthly Temp: 65.2 Normal Temp: 65.4
Temp Extremes: 92 (1st, 16th) 39 (5th, 22nd)
Precipitation: 3.05 Normal Pcpn: 2.48
Snowfall: Trace Normal Snowfall: Trace
Records: None

May began quietly, but the latter half of the month was dominated by severe weather. Significant severe weather outbreaks across the Panhandles occurred on the 17th, 19th, 20th, 26th, 27th, and 30th. The most active day occurred on the 30th, when a pair of supercell thunderstorms accounted for 7 tornadoes, including an F3 tornado that came perilously close to White Deer. Six (one F3 & five F0's) of these tornadoes occurred in Carson County, with one F0 tornado in Randall County. An eighth F0 tornado occurred in Roberts County on the 19th. Early in the month, several vehicles were swept away in a flash flood in Clarendon on the 4th. No injuries were reported.

Average High: 90.4 Normal High: 87.6
Average Low: 62.5 Normal Low: 60.7
Monthly Temp: 76.5 Normal Temp: 74.1
Temp Extremes: 99 (12th) / 50 (15th)
Precipitation: 1.99 Normal Pcpn: 3.70
Records: None

There were a few stormy days in June, but was overall a dry and warm month. Significant severe weather outbreaks occurred on the 5th and the 20th, but there were no tornadoes. Of the 1.99 inches of rain reported for the month, 1.48 inches fell on the 1st.

Average High: 98.4 Normal High: 91.7
Average Low: 69.4 Normal Low: 65.5
Monthly Temp: 83.9 Normal Temp: 78.6
Temp Extremes: 104 (12th) / 63 (1st, 2nd)
Precipitation: 0.04 Normal Pcpn: 2.62
Records: Record High 104 degrees on the 12th / Tied Record High 102 on the 23rd

July was very hot and very dry! The 83.9 degree average daily temperature for the month made it not only the 2nd hottest July on record, but also the 2nd hottest month on record. The temperature reached or surpassed 100 degrees on 13 days, which is the most 100 plus days Amarillo has recorded in any month. Six daily records were either tied or broken, with an average high temperature of 98.4 degrees. July 2001 was also the driest July on record as only 0.04 inches was recorded. Normal rainfall is 2.62 inches.

Average High: 92.2 Normal High: 89.1
Average Low: 65.2 Normal Low: 63.8
Monthly Temp: 78.7 Normal Temp: 76.5
Temp Extremes: 100 (24th) / 59 (27th)
Precipitation: 1.39 Normal Pcpn: 3.22
Records: None

It remained hot in August. A few days of severe weather dotted the Panhandles, but the dry spell continued as August ended with below normal rainfall.

Average High: 84.8 Normal High: 81.8
Average Low: 56.0 Normal Low: 56.4
Monthly Temp: 70.4 Normal Temp: 69.1
Temp Extremes: 96 (2nd) / 46 (24th)
Precipitation: 3.03 Normal Pcpn: 1.99
Snowfall: Trace Normal Snowfall: Trace
Records: None

There was some relief to the prolonged dry spell, as above normal rain fell for the first time in 3 months. The monthly total of 3.03 inches of rain was just over an inch above normal. Scattered reports of severe weather occurred across the panhandles, including three weak (F0) tornadoes. Two of the tornadoes were reported in the Oklahoma Panhandle and the other touched down along the Potter / Carson County line.

Average High: 75.6 Normal High: 72.5
Average Low: 44.7 Normal Low: 44.5
Monthly Temp: 60.2 Normal Temp: 58.5
Temp Extremes: 91 (4th) / 31 (13th)
Precipitation: 0.05 Normal Pcpn: 1.32
Snowfall: 0.0 Normal Snowfall: 0.3
Records: Record Absolute Minimum 34 degrees on the 6th

The respite from the dry spell was short-lived as October 2001 was the 4th driest October on record. Temperatures began to moderate to more seasonal normals, but October still averaged nearly 2 degrees above normal.

Average High: 62.4 Normal High: 59.7
Average Low: 39.0 Normal Low: 32.3
Monthly Temp: 50.7 Normal Temp: 46.0
Temp Extremes: 79 (1st) / 15 (29th)
Precipitation: 1.86 Normal Pcpn: 0.69
Snowfall: 2.3 Normal Snowfall: 1.9
Records: Record Highest Minimum 51 on the 4th, 52 degrees on the 12th, 13th

Significant widespread rain fell from the 14th -17th, when 1.54 inches of rain was recorded over this 4 day period. The first snow of the season fell as 2.3 inches was measured on the 27th and 28th. Overall, the warm trend continued as the average monthly temperature was nearly 5 degrees above normal. Nights were especially warm with 3 daily records set for the warmest low temperature.

Average High: 54.3 Normal High: 50.1
Average Low: 26.5 Normal Low: 23.7
Monthly Temp: 26.5 Normal Temp: 24.5
Temp Extremes: 72 (3rd) / 17 (29th, 31st)
Precipitation: 0.23 Normal Pcpn: 0.43
Snowfall: 2.0 Normal Snowfall: 2.8
Records: None

December continued the trend of above normal monthly temperatures.

2001 Summary

2001, the first year of the new millennium, will be remembered as a warm year with near normal rainfall. 8th warmest year on record. Records date back to 1892. July 2001 takes the honor of the most significant weather event for the year. July recorded the most 100 degree or warmer days with 13, was the 2nd hottest month ever recorded, and set six daily records. An "average" severe weather season occurred with 20 tornadoes. The first F3 tornado since 1995, destroyed a home and two vehicles, and killed several livestock in Carson County near White Deer.