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2004 Weather Review

High for the month: 70 / 2nd
Low for the month: -1 / 6th
Average monthly temperature: 39.9 / 3.5 above normal
Monthly precipitation: 0.70 / 0.07" above normal
Monthly snowfall: 4.7 / 0.7" above normal

January was overall a warmer than normal month. However, an arctic blast during the first week of the month brought Amarillo its first below zero temperature since Feb. 4, 1996, when the temperature fell to -3 degrees. Otherwise, no significant weather events occurred during the month.

High for the month: 80 / 18th
Low for the month: 10 / 13th
Average monthly temperature: 37.6 / 3.0 below normal
Monthly precipitation: 1.
42 / 0.87" above normal
Monthly snowfall: 6.0" / 2.1" above normal

Record: Maximum temperature 80 on 18th

Localized heavy snow fell across the eastern Texas Panhandle on the 4th, with 4 to 5 inches of snow reported across Lipscomb, Hemphill and Wheeler counties. As much as 4 inches of snow also fell in portions of Randall and Armstrong counties on the 23rd and 24th, with 2 to 3 inches of snow common across much of the southern Texas Panhandle.

High for the month: 89 / 19th
Low for the month: 27 / 1st and 2nd
Average monthly temperature: 52.4 / 4.5 above normal
Monthly precipitation: 1.50" / 0.37" above normal
Monthly snowfall: Trace / 2.7" below normal
Record: Highest Minimum Temperature
53 on 24th
60 on 26th
53 on 27th

March was quite warm and well above normal. Only 4 nights fell below freezing for the entire month, when normally 11 days fall to below freezing. In addition, three record warm minimum temperatures were set late in the month. Otherwise, no significant weather events occurred during the month.

High for the month: 85 / 16th
Low for the month: 25 / 13th
Average monthly temperature: 55.
2 / 1.0 below normal
Monthly precipitation: 2.65" / 1.32" above normal

Monthly snowfall: 0.7" / 0.1" above normal
Record: Tied Lowest Maximum Temperature 51 on 30th
Tornadoes: 1 (F0)

The first severe thunderstorms of the season brought hail to the size of quarters across the western Texas Panhandle. Severe weather season begin with the first tornado, which occurred on the 19th. The F0 tornado occurred southwest of Perryton and caused no damage. The most widespread and the most damaging severe weather occurred on the 25th. Minor wind damage to various structures was reported in Potter, Randall, and Oldham counties.

High for the month: 97 / 19th
Low for the month: 36 / 14th
Average monthly temperature: 69.4 / 4.2
above normal
Monthly precipitation: 0.09 / 2.41 below normal
Record: Third Driest May on record
Tornadoes: 2 (both F0’s)

After 4 consecutive months of above normal precipitation, May went down as one of the driest months on record. Severe weather was limited as well. The first severe weather event occurred across the western Texas Panhandle. Two tornadoes were reported in this event and were located across Hartley County. The second event occurred across the Oklahoma and northern Texas Panhandle on the 21st. No significant damage was reported.

High for the month: 101 / 14th
Low for the month: 52 / 1st
Average monthly temperature: 73.4 / 0.9 below normal
Monthly precipitation: 5.38 / 2.10 above normal
Record: Lowest Maximum Temperature 74 on 28th
Tornadoes: 10 (9 – F0’s, 1 – F1)
June 21st Severe Weather Event

June was a very active and historic severe weather month. Significant severe weather events occurred on the 2nd, 4th, 5th, 15th – 18th, and 21st. On June 21st, a record breaking hailstorm struck Bushland and the western portions of Amarillo. Hail bigger than softball size did over $200 million in damage to thousands of homes, businesses and automobiles. This was the costliest weather event in Amarillo’s history and the 6th costliest weather event in Texas history. In addition to the hail, at least 7 tornadoes were confirmed in Potter and Randall counties from the storm. The tornadoes destroyed one home and damaged several others. Despite the widespread damage, only one injury was reported. Significant flash flooding occurred on several days and in various locations across the panhandles, with numerous roads reportedly underwater. There were a total of 256 severe weather reports for the month, which included large hail, damaging wind, flash flooding and tornadoes. Finally, the only 100+ temperature for the summer occurred on the 14th.

High for the month: 97 / 15th
Low for the month: 55 / 26th
Average monthly temperature: 75.9 / 2.3 below normal
Monthly precipitation: 3.01" / 0.33" above normal
Record: Lowest Maximum Temperatures
69 (tie)on 24th
65 on 25th (ties for 6th coldest day ever in the month of July)
Absolute Minimum 55 on 26th

July 2004 was the coolest July since 1976 and the 26th coldest July on record. Episodes of severe weather and above normal rainfall continued, however no widespread or significant damage occurred.

High for the month: 96 / 23rd, 26th
Low for the month: 55 / 31st
Average monthly temperature: 73.5 / 2.8 below normal
Monthly precipitation: 0.85" / 2.09" below normal

While no records were set, August continued the trend of below normal temperatures. A few episodes of severe weather occurred, with significant events on the 10th and 11th. Once again, parts of west and south Amarillo were struck by hail up to golfball size, which resulted in scattered damage to homes and automobiles.

High for the month: 97 / 17th
Low for the month: 45 / 23rd
Average monthly temperature: 70.0 / 0.9 above normal
Monthly precipitation: 3.80" / 1.92" above normal
Record: Maximum Temperature 97 on 17th

September was an abnormally wet month, but severe weather was limited. Flash flooding was the big story of the month. Several homes in Borger were flooded and evacuated due to heavy rainfall on the 22nd. However, the most significant flash flood event of the year occurred in Hereford on the 27th. Numerous homes in the San Jose community in Hereford suffered water damage when several feet of water flooded that community.

High for the month: 83 / 21st
Low for the month: 34 / 30th
Average monthly temperature: 58.8 / 0.6 above normal
Monthly precipitation: 3.37" / 1.87
" above normal
Monthly snowfall: 0 / 0.2" below normal
Record: Highest Minimum Temperature 60 on 28th

The wetter than normal Autumn continued into October. Despite the above normal rainfall, there was very little severe weather. The most significant event of the month was a flash flood which occurred in Canyon on the night of the 5th. Some residents in the Hunsley Hills area reportedly had water in their basements, and several feet of water made the low water crossings in the Palo Duro State Park impassable.

High for the month: 75/ 6th
Low for the month: 15 / 30th
Average monthly temperature: 43.1 / 2.0 below normal
Monthly precipitation: 4.06" / 3.38" above normal
Monthly snowfall: 13.8" / 12.1" above normal
Record: Second wettest November on record. (2nd only to 5.06 inches in 1905)
Greatest November Snowfall. Broke previous record of 13.6 set in 1952.

November was a record setting month. It was the second wettest and the snowiest November on record. The 8.4 inches of snow on the 2nd was the most snow ever observed on that day and the most snow observed so early in the season. Area farmers suffered losses as saturated grounds for most of the month made it impossible to harvest.

High for the month: 70 / 20th
Low for the month: 0 / 24th
Average monthly temperature: 38.9 / 1.7 above normal
Monthly precipitation: 0.48" / 0.07" below normal
Monthly Snowfall: 5.3" / 2.8" above normal

December will be only the third month of the year to receive below normal precipitation. However, the snowfall continues to be above normal. An arctic outbreak (21st – 25th) brought the coldest weather of the winter season when temperatures fell to zero in Amarillo and slightly below zero across much of the Panhandles Christmas morning. The arctic air was accompanied by several inches of snow, making for a white Christmas.


Annual Statistics
High for the year: 101 / June 14th
Low for the year: -1 / January 6th
Average annual temperature: 57.4 (0.5 above normal)
Annual precipitation: 26.31" / 7.60 above normal
Annual snowfall: 25.2" / 9.6 above normal

Only one 100 or > degree day (June 14).
9th wettest year on record.