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The National Weather Service in Amarillo is looking for COOPERATIVE WEATHER OBSERVERS in several locations throughout the Texas and Oklahoma Panhandles.



  • COOP observations are used by the LIVESTOCK FORAGE DISASTER PROGRAM.
  • Observers are needed to provide precipitation measurements for this program.
  • Livestock owners and contract growers depend on this system for payment support to help with losses during drought. 


COOP Weather Observers:

  • Measure rain, snow and sometimes temperatures.

  • Reports are submitted through an online program and/or an app - very easy and convenient!

  • Equipment supplied and maintained by the National Weather Service Office in Amarillo.
  • Observations become part of the national Climate Database for the United States.
  • Observations support drought assessments, crop yield forecasts, recreation, flood zone determination, and investment of billions of dollars in the insurance industry!


This is a wonderful opportunity to become part of the COOP family across the Panhandles!



For More Information on the COOP PROGRAM:


Please contact:

Angela Margrave, COOP Program Leader

National Weather Service, 1900 English Road, Amarillo TX 79108