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An upper level disturbance over south-central Colorado moved southeast across the Panhandles during the late afternoon and evening of the 22nd.  This disturbance teamed up with plenty of moisture and instability to bring severe weather to many parts of the Panhandles.  A stationary front was found from far northeast New Mexico east-southeast to the east-central Texas Panhandle.  A supercell thunderstorm developed on the stationary front over far southern Texas County and moved to the south.  This storm produced 2.5” hail northeast of Cactus.  As this storm moved south it collided with an eastward moving squall line over Dumas.  1.5 to 3 inches of rain fell over Dumas causing many streets to be flooded.  A supercell thunderstorm developed just to the north of Vega and moved south and it produced 3.25” hail just east of Vega.  This storm later produced a brief tornado to the west-northwest of Dawn.  As the squall line moved southeast it caused strong enough winds to flip over multiple semi trucks along interstate 40 to the west of Vega.  Other supercell thunderstorms developed over the northeast Texas Panhandle producing wind gusts to around 60 mph and hail to the size of tennis balls.