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On Tuesday, May 16th, environmental conditions supported the development of a number of severe supercell thunderstorms across the eastern Texas and Oklahoma Panhandles. Early in the afternoon, the first few storms initiated near Spearman to Stinnett off the dryline and moved northeast through Hansford, Ochiltree and eventually into Beaver County. Two brief tornadoes touched down with these storms along with baseball size hail and one report of 3.5 inch hail north of Beaver. Additional storms fired further south on the dryline in eastern Carson and Armstrong County. These storms would go on to produce very large hail up to tennis ball size and a few tornadoes. The most notable tornadoes were the "elephant trunk" tornado that touched down near McLean and the "wedge" tornado that touched down near Wheeler. Another tornadic supercell moved into Collingsworth county towards the end of the event and would produce baseball size hail and a weak tornado just west of the state line 10 miles east of Lutie. This storm would go on to produce the Elk City, OK tornado later during the evening. All in all, there were seven confirmed tornadoes in the Texas and Oklahoma Panhandles and numerous large to very large hail reports. Tornado damage was also noted mainly with the Wheeler Tornado which was rated a high end EF-2. For specific information see the attached photos, text products and graphics.




Radar and warnings Tuesday, May 16th, 2017


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