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Potential Tropical Cyclone Sixteen Expected To Impact The Southeast U.S. Through The Weekend

Potential Tropical Cyclone Sixteen is forecast to develop on Friday before making landfall over the Florida Panhandle early Saturday. Tropical storm force winds, storm surge flooding, heavy rainfall, and dangerous rip currents are expected. The system will then track northeast and bring locally heavy rainfall and gusty winds to Georgia through the Carolinas this weekend as the storm weakens. Read More >


Thanksgiving Climatology for Amarillo
Average High: 56° F Average Low: 30° F Average Precip: 0.02" Average Snow: 0.08"

The weather on Thanksgiving can be highly variable - typical of the weather in the Texas and Oklahoma Panhandles.  Extreme temperatures, winter weather, and rain have all occurred on Thanksgiving Day in the past.  On average, the high temperature is 56° F and the low temperature is 30° F.  However, temperatures have been as cold as 6° F and as warm as 81° F.  Most Thanksgivings are also dry, despite an average rainfall of 0.02".  The most rainfall ever observed on Thanksgiving is 0.59".  Although the average snowfall is 0.08", this is skewed by a 7.0" total - the most ever measured on Thanksgiving.

View the data record for Thanksgiving Day at Amarillo from 1892-2016


Thanksgiving Day Quick Facts

Warmest Thanksgiving high temperature: 81° F on November 25, 1965
Coldest Thanksgiving high temperature: 10° F on November 27, 1919
Coldest Thanksgiving low temperature: 6° F on November 27, 1919
Warmest Thanksgiving low temperature: 53° F on November 24, 1966
Wettest Thanksgiving: 0.59" on November 26, 2015
Snowiest Thanksgiving: 7.0" on November 26, 1931
Number of times with rain on Thanksgiving: 22 times out of 123 years (18%)
Number of times with snow on Thanksgiving: 12 times out of 123 years (10%)


The Last Time It Happened On Thanksgiving
Temperature of 56° F or higher: 65° F in 2016
Temperature of 30° F or lower: 28° F in 2015
Rainfall: 0.59" in 2015
Rainfall total of 0.10" or higher: 0.59" in 2015
Snowfall: 0.20" in 2015
Snowfall total of 1.0" or higher: 1.0" in 1958