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Facilitating the testing and evaluation of new research, guidance, forecast techniques, products, and services to improve forecast process and decision support activities in Alaska and the adjacent Arctic.


Evaluations and Functional Tests 
  1. Evaluation of the NBM in Alaska (2018)
  2. New GFE P-Type Tools for Alaska WFOs (2018)
  3. Evaluation of WSSI in Alaska (2023) - Collaboration with WPC and Nature Nurture Center
  4. Functional Test of Hazard Services Aviation (2023) - In collaboration with Aviation Weather Testbed, Global Systems Lab, & WFO Honolulu Aviation Desk







Mission Statement:

To ensure that relevant operational scientific and technology advances are made to support the mandates of our core partners with weather, water, and climate information and predictions and associated impacts related to the people, infrastructure, and environment of Alaska and the Arctic.

About the Arctic Testbed & Proving Ground:

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