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Heavy Rain Continues in the Mid-Atlantic; Powerful System is Approaching the West Coast

A strong weather system will continue producing heavy rain from the Ohio Valley to the Mid-Atlantic through tonight. As the system moves north and taps into some colder air, freezing rain and snow will develop for portions of the Northeast. In the West, a powerful storm system will bring rain, high elevation snow, and gusty winds to portions of California and the Northwest tonight and Sunday. Read More >

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Ice Analysis Layer: Concentration Stage Forecast  Legend

FZAK80 PAFC 122355

Sea Ice Advisory for Western and Arctic Alaskan Coastal Waters
National Weather Service Anchorage Alaska
255 PM AKST Wednesday 12 December 2018

FORECAST VALID...Monday 17 December 2018


SYNOPSIS...High pressure will build over the Chukchi and Beaufort
Seas through Saturday. Low pressure will meander over the western
Alaska mainland through Friday before dissipating. A stronger low
will track eastward across the north Pacific Ocean Thursday through
Saturday. Weak low pressure will set up over the Chukchi/Beaufort
Sunday and Monday.

-Arctic Ocean-
-Beaufort Sea-

PKZ235-Point Franklin to Cape Halkett-
PKZ240-Cape Halkett to Flaxman Island-
PKZ245-Flaxman Island to Demarcation Point-
PKZ505-Central U.S. Arctic Offshore-
PKZ510-Eastern U.S. Arctic Offshore-

Ice covered.

-Chukchi Sea-
-Bering Sea-

PKZ180-Kuskokwim Delta and Etolin Strait-
PKZ181-North and West of Nunivak Island-
PKZ200-Norton Sound-
PKZ210-Dall Point to Wales-
PKZ215-Kotzebue Sound-
PKZ220-Wales to Cape Thompson-
PKZ225-Cape Thompson to Cape Beaufort-
PKZ230-Cape Beaufort to Point Franklin-
PKZ500-Western U.S. Arctic Offshore-

The main ice edge in the Chukchi extends from 65.8N 168.3W to 66.8N
165.9W to 66.5N 169W to 65.9N 169W. The ice edge is mainly open
water. There is also an area of open water between 70N 171W to 69.3N
175.2W to 67.6N 170.8W.

FORECAST FOR THE CHUKCHI SEA (Days 1 through 5)...Northerly winds
will persist and gradually weaken through Monday. Sea ice is
expected to continue to fill in the remaining open water area
through Monday as cold air remains over the region and winds weaken.
Expect near complete freeze-up of most of the area in the next week.

The main ice edge in the Bering Sea extends from 58.7N 161.9W to
61.5N 166.7W to 62.9N 166W to 64.6N 167.9W to 65.8N 168.3W.

FORECAST FOR THE BERING SEA (Days 1 through 5)...Northerly winds
will continue through Monday. Expect additional sea ice growth along
the Alaska mainland mainly from the Cape Newenham north through
Monday. Sea ice will continue to grow along the coast of Saint
Lawrence Island. The main ice edge in the Bering Sea can be expected
to move 15 to 25nm to the southwest through Saturday.


Regional Information

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