National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce
Station     PAFC     Elevation  144 FT
Tue Jul 14 13:20:02 UTC 2020

Morning Vent Factor:

Temperature           50 Deg F
Mixing Depth MSL      72 m
Mixing Depth AGL      28.8 m
Transport Wind        1.54 m/s
Vent Factor           43

Forecast for Afternoon Vent Factor:

Temperature           72 Deg F
Mixing Depth MSL      2368.5 m
Mixing Depth AGL      2325.3 m
Transport Wind        5.66 m/s
Vent Factor           13156

 Vent Factor is considered a measure of the volume rate of horizontal transport of air within the mixing layer, per unit distance, normal to the wind. Units are measured in square meters per second or knot-feet.