National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce

Kate Abshire
Physical Scientist
National Water Center

Rosemary Auld
Regional Training Manager Eastern Region Headquarters

Dr. Lixion Avila
Senior Hurricane Specialist (Retired)

Melinda Bailey
Communications and Dissemination Program Manager Southern Region Headquarters

David Barber
Alaska Aviation Weather Unit

Felecia Bowser
Senior Meteorologist
WFO Shreveport

Tyra Brown
Communication & Outreach Manager and NOAA Weather Radio Program.

Vankita Brown
Social Scientist
Office of the Chief Operating

Mark Burger
Aviation Meteorologist
Olathe, Kansas

Michel Davison
Chief of the International Desks
Weather Prediction Center

Andrew Devanas
Science and Operations Officer
Key West, FL WFO

Melissa DiSpigna
WFO Upton, NY 

Stephanie Dunten
Boston, MA WFO

Karen Eagle
Senior Aviation

Debra Elliott
Meteorological Technician/Observation
Program Leader 
Detroit, MI WFO

Tanja Fransen
Glasgow, MT WFO

Nikole Gallegos
Computer Program Manager
Alaska Region Headquarters

Bekki Harjo
Senior Hydrologist
Arkansas-Red Basin RFC

Becki Heim
Alaska Sea Ice Program Leader
Anchorage, AK WFO

Ronla Henry
AWIPS Program Manager
Office of Central Processing

Juan Hernandez
Dallas/Fort Worth WFO

Bianca Hernandez
Phoenix, AZ WFO

Michelle L’Heureux
NWS Climate Prediction Center

Douglas Hilderbrand
Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador Lead
Office of Communication

Heath Hockenberry
National Fire Weather Program Manager
Analyze, Forecast, and Support Office

Brian Hoeth
Emergency Response Meteorologist
Southern Region Regional Operations Center (SR ROC)

Ming Ji
Office of Science and Technology Integration

Crane Johnson
Service Coordination
Alaska-Pacific RFC

Kevin Kodama
Senior Service Hydrologist Honolulu, HI WFO

Kenneth Kottra
Electronics Technician
Chanhassen, MN WFO

Lisa Kriederman
Incident Meteorologist
Boulder, CO WFO

Kris Lander
Development and Operations
West Gulf RFC

Jay Liang
IT Specialist
Storm Prediction Center

Gustavo Limon
Chief Technology
Officer Office of the Assistant Chief Information Officer

Alaina MacFarlane
Middle Atlantic RFC

Alana McCants
National Weather Service
West Gulf River Forecast Center

Juliann Meyer
Senior Hydrologist
Missouri Basin RFC

Teresa Souther Murphy
Physical Scientist
Office of Observations

Troy Nicolini
Eureka, CA WFO

Roland Nuñe
Houston, Texas

Lara Pagano
Weather Prediction Center
College Park MD


Cynthia Palmer
Science and Operations Officer
Shreveport, LA WFO

Bill Parker
Meteorologist-in-charge (MIC) 
Jackson, MS (WFO)

Edward Plumb
Warning Coordination Meteorologist
NWS WFO Fairbanks Alaska

Cindi Preller
Alaska Tsunami Program Manager
Alaska Region Headquarters

Isha Renta

Jamie Rhome
Storm Surge Specialist National Hurricane Center

Charles Ross
Senior Service Hydrologist
State College, PA WFO

Katherine Rowden
Service Hydrologist
Spokane, WA WFO

Kim Runk
Operations Proving Ground

Paul Schlatter
Sciences and Operations Officer (SOO)
WFO Boulder

Ashlie Sears
NWS Liaison Officer to FEMA N-IMAT East 1 NWS Ops Center

Wendy Sellers
Program Coordination Officer NOAA HQ, Office of the Under Secretary

Howard Singer
Chief Scientist
Space Weather Prediction Center

Sudhir Raj Shrestha
Physical Scientist / Technical Director Web and Dissemination

Matt Solum
Decision Support Services Program Manager
Western Region Headquarters

Kyle Struckmann
National Aviation Meteorologist

Dr. Wassila Thiaw
College Park MD

Larry Van Bussum
National Fire Weather Operations Coordinator National Interagency Fire Center

Charlie Woodrum  Regional Operational Services Meteorologist
 Pacific Region Headquarters

Jerry Wiedenfeld
Information Technology Officer
Milwaukee/Sullivan WFO (MKX)

Dr. Fanglin Yang
Physical Scientist and Project Lead for Development and Implementation of the FV3GFS Model

Freddie Zeigler
Senior Forecaster
WFO New Orleans/Baton Rouge