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Soggy in the Pacific Northwest; Cool and Snowy in the Northeast

Periods of heavy rain on top of already saturated soils will lead to additional flooding and continued threats of landslides across western Washington. A series of weather systems originating in Canada will produce areas of snow and lake effect snow across the Great Lakes and Northeast. Santa Ana winds will warm southern California and keep fire weather threats elevated. Read More >

EMWIN ByteBlaster

Internet File Push


• Byte Blaster:


     – Client/Server Internet Based Service (NWS is one of many participants)

          • Client software is used to receive products from other servers

          • Local server may have many clients - when a file is received it is immediately re-distributed      

          • A server may collect products from different sources (e.g., satellite broadcast, local LAN, or as a client to another ByteBlaster server)

          • Multiple daisy chains are possible: Server -> Client/Server -> Client/Server ->…    

       – LoadMaster (NWS )

          • Agent for load balancing clients on registered servers

          • Assists in reassignment of clients when a registered server is no longer active

• Future Service Outlook:


     – IDP Environment does not currently support the Windows environment.

     – Existing operational IDP file-push protocol (e.g., XMPP) does not adequately support binary file transfer today.

     – Alternative 1: Switch to NWWS End User Client software to receive a portion of the EMWIN distribution

          • Provides an Internet push of all EMWIN US-National text products, and then some

          • Does not include EMWIN International or Image Products

     – Alternative 2: Continue to operate client/server networks in absence of the NWS ByteBlaster Servers and LoadMaster.