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Severe Weather Expected for Portions of the Midwest; Excessive Heat for the Central and Eastern U.S.

Severe storms capable of producing severe winds, large hail, tornadoes and heavy rainfall are expected through this evening across portions of the Midwest. A Moderate Risk (level 4 of 5) of Severe Storms and Excessive Rainfall is in effect. Excessive heat will continue to impact the Central and Eastern U.S. this week. Read More >

Topic Description

General Description

EMWIN disseminates alerts, watches, warnings, observations, forecasts and climate products in text and image formats (see EMWIN Catalogs) via:

1. Satellite broadcast:

    - GOES-16 (East), GOES-18 (West) High Rate
      Information Transmission (HRIT) broadcast.

    - Freq/channels: 1694.1-MHz / 20,21,22

2. EMWIN FTP File Server:
- Accessible on the public Internet.

Systems Status information is manually updated M-F during
Eastern Time business hours 8am-4pm.

System Information

Green Bullet showing operational status as good
Satellite Service,
Green Bullet showing operational status as good
Satellite Service,
Green Bullet
Updated 3/21/2023 10:25 UTC

Image of the GOES 17 Satellite with the earth below the satellite - NOAA Image


Please provide your feedback to the HRIT/EMWIN Program on the
2023 HRIT/EMWIN User Survey
open until 15 February 2024

Please see this 


EMWIN Text Product Catalog
EMWIN Image Product Catalog


1. Satellite broadcast reception:

     - HRIT Reception reception characteristics (NESDIS)

     - Commercial HRIT satellite terminal 
       Manufacturers list (NESDIS)

     - Fabricated HRIT satellite terminals built with
       components and parts available on the open market. 
       (Internet search "build goes-r receiver" for
       additional published information).

2. EMWIN FTP File Server:

PC/workstation/mobile device with public Internet





1. Satellite broadcast:

    - Commercial HRIT satellite terminals are generally equipped with all the required software. 
      Consult vendor for additional information.

    - Fabricated HRIT satellite terminals will require users to identify and acquire the necessary
      software. Information is available by searching the public Internet.  Government information on
     'demonstration software' developed for HRIT/EMWIN is available here:   


2. EMWIN FTP File Server

    Web browsers, commercial applications or scripting software programs (e.g., Perl) may be
    used to access and download products.

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1.  Text Products are presented in WMO Bulletin format

     US products may include AWIPS Identifiers containing a descriptive

     product category code (see: AWIPS Category Codes (NNN)).

2.  Image Products are broadcast in their native file format with telltale file extensions:     

     JPG  - Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) format

     PNG - Portable Network Graphics

     GIF   - Graphics Interchange Format

    Note: Products larger than 5 kilo-bytes in size are compressed into a .zip

     formatted file prior to broadcast and must be uncompressed to return the

     file to its original file format.

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1.  The EMWIN product stream creation and EMWIN FTP archive file server operations are
      monitored by NOAA Central Operations (NCO), NWS, 24x7.

2.  EMWIN satellite uplink and satellite broadcast services are monitor by NESDIS 24x7.

3.  EMWIN image product accountability is monitored by the Dissemination Systems Branch, NWS,

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Access Information

EMWIN broadcast services are open and available to the public 24x7:

1. EMWIN GOES-East/West satellite broadcast footprint:   see NESDIS HRIT Broadcast

2. EMWIN GOES-East/West satellite broadcast reception: see NESDIS HRIT Reception

3. EMWIN FTP File Server on the public Internet - URL:

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1. HRIT/EMWIN Service Overview:

2.  Products on EMWIN broadcast services: 

3.  Service description:

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Alert Information

EMWIN disseminates national and international weather and water alerts and warnings, and US
non-weather emergency message alerts. Refer to  the EMWIN_Text_Product Catalog for a listing of product category codes (ref: US AWIPS Category Codes (NNN) ) and WMO product header included on the broadcast.

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Special Needs

Users may interface their EMWIN receiving systems with separate commercial or user-developed applications and devices to address their specific special needs.

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1.  The status of EMWIN broadcast services is updated manually during normal business hours on
      the Home Page.

2.  EMWIN service issues impacting user operations should be reported immediately to:

      Tech Control:  Phone:  301-683-1518

                              - or -

                              eMail:   ... and cc:


3.  Questions regarding the broadcast products, adding or replacing broadcast products or
      broadcast product format should be addressed to: 


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