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Long Duration Winter Storm for the Pacific Northwest; Heavy Rains in the Southeast and Hawaii

A long-duration winter storm will impact the Northwest through the weekend. The coastal ranges and lower elevations of the Cascades will have moderate to heavy rain, and periods of heavy snow will impact many mountain passes. Scattered storms and heavy rains may produce localized flash flooding across the central Gulf Coast into the Southeast and Hawaii. Read More >


The NWS uses satellite and Internet broadcasts for disseminating the EMWIN datastream. Reception and repeating of all broadcasts requires specialized equipment or software, available commercially (some for FREE). The following vendors supply general off-the-shelf hardware or specialized equipment useful for receiving, rebroadcasting, and using EMWIN data.


Note: A listing here does not imply any particular endorsement by the NWS  disclaimer as a  function or suitability for your purpose of environment.


Werner Labs Inc.
WWW home page: Wernerlabs
Provides dual mode receive systems that will ingest EMWIN N. 

Zephyrus Electronics, Ltd -
171 S. 122 E. Avenue
Tulsa, OK 74128-2405
(918) 437-3333 Fax:(918)438-7322
Contact: Robert Hale
WWW home page: Zephyrus
WWW e-mail: Zephyrus
EMWIN Hardware and Software. Complete EMWIN solutions.
Manufacturer of GOES EMWIN earth station systems with automatic switching between two satellites. Currently developing an EMWIN-N system. EMWIN retransmission processors for wire distribution or VHF broadcast. Frequency agile VHF receivers for high speed satellite and radio use of EMWIN. Allows for live weather data stream into your PC via satellite and radio.

Weather Message
WWW home page: Weather Message
Offers specialized software to decode and process National Weather Service messages.  This software can be used to provide weather information and storm alerts to local governmental agencies, schools, and private groups.

Storm Alert Inc
InterWARN software StormAlert
Interwarn is a state of the art program that handles all your
weather related needs. InterWARN turns any Internet connection or EMWIN feed into your own automated personal wire service for National Weather Service watches, warnings, and statements.

Skywatch Weather Services
WWW home page: Skywatch/EMWIN
EMWIN Software. EMWIN Internet Data broadcasting and receiving software,
Software packages for free Automatic paging of Weather products to your pager from your own computer systems, mailing lists & services 

400 Daily Lane
P.O. Box 5210
Grants Pass, Oregon 97527
(541) 474-6700
(541) 474-6703 (fax)
WWW home page: Tigertronics
EMWIN hardware. EMWIN Modulators and Demodulators for Satellite and Radio Broadcasts.

Weather Graphics Technologies,Inc.
P.O. Box 450211
Garland, TX 75045
(888) 388-0070
(405) 573-0700
(972) 495-6848 (fax)
WWW home page: Weather Graphics
EMWIN Hardware and Software. Latest version of DIGITAL ATMOSPHERE software. Graphical weather display applications for EMWIN. Turnkey hardware-software packages for receiving, displaying, and use of EMWIN. World Wide Maps and features.