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Statewide Tornado Drill - 10:00 AM Tuesday March 6th



     Tornado near Washburn, IL  02/28/17     Photo by Cameron Nixon            Tornadic Thunderstorm near Washburn, IL   02/28/17  Photo by Isaac Polanski




  A TEST Tornado Warning will be issued for ALL
  Illinois counties at 10:00 AM Tuesday March 6, 2018. 
  The warning will be broadcast on NOAA Weather
  Radio with the tone alarm. Many commercial radio
  and TV stations will also participate by relaying the 
  TEST Tornado Warning.  

  The National Weather Service, the Illinois
  Emergency Management Agency, local EMA/ESDA
  offices, and local broadcasters ALL recommend that
you use the time during this statewide TEST Tornado Warning to conduct
a tornado drill at your business, school, home or any location where people




… TORNADO Watches & Warnings …



TORNADO WATCH - Conditions are right for some thunderstorms to producetornadoes, usually within the next few hours.  

  • What to do in a TORNADO WATCH:  Be alert for
    threatening weather conditions and pay attention
    for any warnings issued in or near your area.




TORNADO WARNING - A tornado has been sighted by a
trained storm spotterOR an NWS meteorologist monitoring
radar has detected a storm which may produce a tornado 


  • What to do in a TORNADO WARNING: Get to a
    place of safety immediately!
     A majority of the time,
    Tornado Warnings are issued several minutes 
    BEFORE the tornado has even developed.

    Don't go outdoors looking for the tornado - it may
    be hidden by heavy rain! Seek safe shelter