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AFD - Area Forecast Discussion
HWO - Hazardous Weather Outlook
ZFP - Zone Forecast Product
SFT - Tabular State Forecast
RWR- Illinois Hourly Weather Roundup
NOW - Short Term Forecast
RWS - Regional Weather Summary
RTP - Max/Min Temperature and Precip Table
LCO - CoCoRaHS Precipitation Report

Hazardous/Severe Weather

WCN - Severe Weather Watch Notification
SVR - Severe Thunderstorm Warning
TOR - Tornado Warning
FFW - Flash Flood Warning
SVS - Severe Weather Statement
LSR - Local Storm Report
SPS - Special Weather Statement
PNS - Public Information Statement
NPW - Non-Precipitation Warnings / Watches / Advisories
WSW - Winter Weather Warnings / Watches / Advisories

Hydrology (Water)

FFA - Flash Flood Watch
FFW - Flash Flood Warning
FFS - Flash Flood Statement

FLW - Flood Warning
FLS - Flood Statement
ESF - Flood Potential Outlook

RVS - Hydrologic Statement
RVA - Hydrologic Summary
RVD - Daily River & Lake Summary


METARs (Decoded):

Fire Weather

FWF - Fire Weather Forecast
FWS - Spot Fire Weather Forecast
RFW - Red Flag Warning


CLI - Daily Climate: Lincoln
CLI - Daily Climate: Springfield
CLI - Daily Climate: Peoria

CF6 - Monthly Climate: Lincoln
CF6 - Monthly Climate: Springfield
CF6 - Monthly Climate: Peoria

CLM - Lincoln Monthly Climate Report
CLS - Lincoln Seasonal Climate Report
CLA - Lincoln Annual Climate Report

CLM - Springfield Monthly Climate Report
CLC - Springfield Seasonal Climate Report
CLA - Springfield Annual Climate Report

CLM - Peoria Monthly Climate Report
CLC - Peoria Seasonal Climate Report
CLA - Peoria Annual Climate Report

RER - Lincoln Record Report
RER - Springfield Record Report
RER - Peoria Record Report

DGT - Drought Information Statement