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Low temperature next 5 days (click images to enlarge):

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Another round of very cold conditions is on tap. Wind chill temperatures of 15 to 25 below zero are expected tonight and Thursday morning, and air temperatures below zero are likely each night from Thursday night through Friday night. Some relief from the cold will occur later in the weekend.

It is important to keep safe from the cold:


Indoor Safety:

  • Make sure space heaters are at least 3 feet away from combustible items.
  • Make sure you have functional carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning include headaches, nausea, drowsiness, weakness, and shortness of breath. If you suspect carbon monoxide poisoning is occurring, call 911 and leave the building immediately.
  • Never light a grill or wood burner inside your home! Stoves and ovens should not be used as heating sources.
  • If you lose power or do not have a functioning furnace, seek shelter in a heated location. Check with local authorities for any warming centers that have been set up in your area. 

Outdoor Safety:

  • Watch for frostbite, especially on your extremities (feet, hands, nose, ears, etc.). Try to keep these areas covered.
  • If you suspect frostbite has occurred, get inside a heated location and begin warming the affected areas using warm water or body heat. Seek medical attention for severe frostbite.
  • Beware of hypothermia, which occurs when your body temperature falls below 96 degrees. Symptoms include confusion, difficulty speaking, shivering, sleepiness, and stiff muscles. Seek medical attention immediately if you suspect hypothermia is occurring. 
  • Pets should be brought inside if possible. If they have to stay outside, make sure their food and water access is not blocked by ice or snow, and that they have a dry, draft-free enclosure for shelter.

Dressing for cold weather