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On October 6th, the Lincoln NWS was visited by Dr. Louis Uccellini. He is NOAA's Assistant Administrator for Weather Services, which is also known as the Director of the National Weather Service. This was the first visit that an NWS director has paid to our office. Our office briefed him on the wide variety of work we do to serve the public and the emergency management agencies of central and southeast Illinois. In turn, he spoke to us on the latest regarding the evolution of the NWS's model of operations toward providing Impact-based Decision Support Services. While he was here, he participated in launching our evening weather balloon and radiosonde. (For the record, his balloon reached a height of 109,367 feet before bursting.)


  • Paul Rasch of the Illinois Emergency Management Agency briefs Dr. Uccellini on the operations of the State EOC.
  • Llyle Barker (3rd from left), Science & Operations Officer, explains our role in the State Emergency Operations Center in Springfield.
  • Chris Miller, Warning Coordination Meteorologist, provides a briefing on how our office works with external partners.
  • Dr. Uccellini provides a briefing on the state of the National Weather Service.
  • Most of our staff was present for Dr. Uccellini's visit.
  • Dr. Uccellini releases the 6 pm weather balloon. Photo by Darone Jones of National Weather Service Headquarters.