National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce

NOAA Weather Radio station Bloomington KZZ-65, on a frequency of 162.525 MHz (Channel 6) is currently operating with a severely degraded signal, and will be off the air for most listeners. The weather radio antenna was struck by lightning, which has resulted in significant damage to several components. Specialists are assessing the damage and create a plan of restoration for broadcast services.

There will be no estimated date for return to service until the damage can be fully assessed. We appreciate your patience as we go through this process of assessments and eventual repairs. 

Listeners in the following counties are encouraged to reprogram their weather radios to surrounding transmitters for broadcast service:

County Frequency/Channel Station
Tazewell 162.475 MHz  (Channel 4) WXJ-71 Peoria


162.475 MHz  (Channel 4)
162.450 MHz  (Channel 3)

WXJ-71 Peoria
WXK-24 Odell
McLean   (Western 1/2) 162.475 MHz  (Channel 4) WXJ-71 Peoria
McLean   (Eastern 1/2) 162.450 MHz  (Channel 3) WXJ-24 Odell
DeWitt   (Western 1/3) 162.400 MHz  (Channel 1) WXJ-75 Springfield


162.550 MHz  (Channel 7) WXJ-76 Champaign