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NOAA Weather Radio station WXJ-76 in Champaign, which operates on a frequency of 162.550 MHz, is currently off air. Efforts are ongoing to resolve the issue, however at this time we have no estimation for when normal service will be restored. .

Listeners in Coles, Douglas and Edgar Counties can also receive severe weather warnings on station KXI-47 in Paris.  Ford County is also covered by stations WXK-24 in Odell, and KXI-86 in Crescent City.  De Witt County is also covered by WXJ-75 in Springfield and KZZ-65 in Bloomington. Vermilion County is also covered by KXI-86 in Crescent City.  Moultrie County is also covered by station KXI-46 in Shelby County.  


No nearby NOAA Weather Radio stations cover Champaign County. If you live in Champaign County, an additional method for receive warnings can be found below: