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What is the difference between the SWOP, COOP, and CoCoRaHS programs?

SWOP (Significant Weather Observation Program): Members provide a variety of weather data...including storm reports of hail/damaging winds/flooding, as well as basic data such as rain/snow totals.  There is NO set reporting time.  Observers are encouraged to send reports both during and after weather events.  This program is unique to NWS Lincoln.

COOP (Cooperative Observer Program): Members provide temperature/rain/snow data on a DAILY basis.  This information is used as part of the official climatological record.  All NWS offices have a COOP program.

CoCoRaHS (Community Collaborative Rain, Hail, and Snow Network): Members provide rain/snow data on a DAILY basis.  Supplemental hail reports can be submitted as well.  


How do SWOP observers get their reports to the NWS?

SWOP members have two options.  They can either e-mail us at or use our online reporting form.  We encourage members to use the online form, as this is the fastest and most efficient way to get weather reports to us.  We have our system configured so that your reports will automatically alarm on our workstations, allowing forecasters on duty to see your data as soon as you submit it!