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Storm Moving through the South; Pacific Storm to Impact the West this Weekend

A storm is expected to develop over the southern High Plains today and track to the Mid-Atlantic through Friday with showers and thunderstorms. On the northern edge, snow, ice, and/or a wintry mix is possible over the central Plains. A significant storm is expected to arrive late Friday through the weekend with rain, heavy mountain snow, and gusty winds for much of the West. Read More >

The first widespread significant snowfall occured across northern Indiana, northwest Ohio and extreme southern Lower Michigan December 8th through the 9th. Light snow began during the afternoon hours and quickly became heavy in many areas by Thursday evening, with snowfall rates of 1 to as much as 2 inches per hour at times. This resulted in most locations picking up between 6 and 8 inches of snow by sunrise on the 9th. Several reports were received of 8 to 9 inches of snow with a few spots picking up around 10 inches. Gusty winds blew the fluffy snow around, causing drifitng of the snow.


LOCATION             COUNTY         SNOWFALL TOTAL       

ST. JOSEPH           BERRIEN              9.0  
NILES                BERRIEN              8.6  
BUCHANAN             BERRIEN              8.0  
BENTON HARBOR        BERRIEN              6.9  
2S BENTON HARBOR     BERRIEN              6.8  
CASSOPOLIS           CASS                 8.5  
SISTER LAKES         CASS                 8.1  
UNION                CASS                 6.0  
BRONSON              BRANCH               9.2  
QUINCY               BRANCH               7.5  
WHITE PIGEON         ST. JOSEPH           8.0  
STURGIS              ST. JOSEPH           8.0  
THREE RIVERS         ST. JOSEPH           7.0  
6S HILLSDALE         HILLSDALE            7.5  
HILLSDALE            HILLSDALE            7.0  
LITCHFIELD           HILLSDALE            6.4  

2SW NORTH WEBSTER    KOSCIUSKO            9.3  
SYRACUSE             KOSCIUSKO            7.1  
3SE WARSAW           KOSCIUSKO            7.0  
1E WINONA LAKE       KOSCIUSKO            6.6  
MENTONE              KOSCIUSKO            6.0  
FISH LAKE            LAPORTE              9.0  
LA PORTE             LAPORTE              7.5  
OTIS                 LAPORTE              7.0  
MICHIGAN CITY        LAPORTE              6.5  
LAPORTE WWTP         LAPORTE              6.1  
KINGSBURY            LAPORTE              5.0  
SIMONTON LAKE        ELKHART              9.5  
2E ELKHART           ELKHART              9.5  
GOSHEN               ELKHART              9.0  
WAKARUSA             ELKHART              8.0  
ELKHART              ELKHART              7.5  
2N MILLERSBURG       ELKHART              7.2  
MILLERSBURG          ELKHART              7.0  
NAPPANEE             ELKHART              7.0  
MIDDLEBURY           ELKHART              6.0  
ROCHESTER            FULTON               7.9  
METZ                 STEUBEN             10.0  
ANGOLA               STEUBEN              8.5  
SALEM CENTER         STEUBEN              8.0  
4N ANGOLA            STEUBEN              7.5  
2E SALEM CENTER      STEUBEN              5.5  
5NE FORT WAYNE       ALLEN               10.0  
5N FORT WAYNE        ALLEN                8.7  
FORT WAYNE AIRPORT   ALLEN                8.4  
5N FORT WAYNE        ALLEN                8.0  
2NW FORT WAYNE       ALLEN                8.0  
MONROEVILLE          ALLEN                6.0  
NORTH JUDSON         STARKE               6.0  
1.5S ALDINE          STARKE               4.5  
7N COLUMBIA CITY     WHITLEY              9.0  
COLUMBIA CITY        WHITLEY              8.5  
COESSE               WHITLEY              7.0  
MEXICO               MIAMI                9.0  
LOGANSPORT           CASS                 8.0  
GALVESTON            CASS                 7.0  
ROYAL CENTER         CASS                 7.0  
YOUNG AMERICA        CASS                 6.0  
PLYMOUTH             MARSHALL             7.2  
BREMEN               MARSHALL             7.0  
CHALMERS 5W          WHITE                7.0  
HEADLEE              WHITE                7.0  
MARION               GRANT                6.5  
HUNTINGTON           HUNTINGTON           8.0  
WINIMAC              PULASKI              6.0  
HARTFORD CITY        BLACKFORD            6.1  
WATERLOO             DEKALB               8.0  
AUBURN               DEKALB               7.8  
3SW ASHLEY           DEKALB               6.8  
KENDALLVILLE         NOBLE                7.0  
CROMWELL             NOBLE                6.5  
OSSIAN               WELLS                9.2  
LAGRANGE             LAGRANGE             9.0  
WABASH               WABASH               8.0  
DECATUR              ADAMS                7.0
4E GENEVA            ADAMS                8.0  
PORTLAND             JAY                  7.0  

OTTAWA               PUTNAM               8.0  
COLUMBUS GROVE       PUTNAM               6.1  
PANDORA              PUTNAM               5.5  
VAN WERT             VAN WERT             7.5  
SPENCERVILLE         ALLEN                6.0  
LIMA                 ALLEN                5.0  
GOMER                ALLEN                4.0  
MONTPELIER           WILLIAMS             7.3  
DEFIANCE             DEFIANCE             8.0  
WAUSEON              FULTON               8.0  
NAPOLEON             HENRY                8.0  
PAULDING             PAULDING             8.0