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May 15th, 2007 Straight Line Wind and EF0 Tornado Event

Counties Affected
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Straight Line Wind Damage in St. Joseph County, MI
St. Joseph County, MI Damage Track Map
2 lines of thunderstorms merged over St Joseph County Michigan and began to produce wind damage as the merger was underway. A storm survey was performed by NWS personnel of the area between Three Rivers and Mendon, including Fishers Lake. Damage was observed at the Three Rivers Muncipal Airport and at an adjacent residence to the airport. A hangar door was blown open at the airport, with 2 large tree trunks falling onto parked vehicles at a private residence. One of the vehicles had pulled into the driveway due to poor visbility, and before the driver could exit, the tree trunk fell onto the roof of the car, causing minor head injury to the driver. The Three Rivers AWOS (KHAI) recorded a 68 mph wind gust at 548 pm EDT. As the survey progressed along M-60 to some of the back roads, more extensive damage began to be encountered. A barn was found destroyed by a combination of the strong winds and a small shed being picked up and thrown into the barn. An adjacent barn also suffered moderate damage from the wind. Numerous trees limbs were snapped in the yard, as well as the chimney of the 2 story residence being blown over to roof level. Just to the north of this residence a large grove of various hardwood trees suffered extensive damage with many trees being uprooted or snapped. The sandy soil in the area reduced the resistance of the roots somewhat. A residence as well as a barn suffered only minor damage despite the estimated 90 to 95 mph winds. KIWX 88D Base velocity data showed a couplet with 82 kt (94 mph) outbound winds in this general area. Damge continued northeast towards Mendon where trees continued to be damaged. 2 barns were also reported to have been destroyed, but due to time constraints the survey stopped before reaching Mendon.

With the strength of the winds, it is possible that a few gust front tornadoes (gustnadoes) may have developed and helped locally focus some of the damage, but by far the strength of the straight line winds was more significant then the potential winds of any gustnadoes.

EF0 Tornado and Straight Line Wind Damage in St. Joseph County, IN
New Carlisle Tornado Damage Path

An EF0 tornado passed just south of New Carlisle, IN in St. Joseph County. The damage path was found to be very narrow starting at Timothy Road and extending eastward along Fillmore Road. The tornado was confirmed based off of a swath of damaged tree tops (location #2), a few 2 X 4 wood projectiles wedged into the ground (location #4), and 2 eyewitness accounts of the tornado. This EF0 tornado contained winds of up to 65 mph, and likely skipped across the ground before lifting just past the Walnut Rd/Fillmore Rd intersection (location #4).

In addition to tornado damage, straight line wind damage of near 60 to 70 mph was found along Fillmore Road (near location #3). Damage to a storage shed was found including a missing roof top and damaged wood supports along the side of the structure. If it hadn't have been for the concrete silo on the east wall providing support, the building might have suffered much more damage. Other straight line wind damage in the area included an overturned irrigation segment, and numerous downed trees and power lines. While most homes in the area were untouched, a few did have some minor damage.

Straight Line Wind Damage in Kosciusko County, IN
Damage in Kosciusko County, IN
A fast moving outflow boundary with wind speeds of 60 to 70 raced from Marshall county into western Kosciusko County. A house suffered damage to a add on room where the shingles were peeled off and thrown into the yard. Tree damage was then found as you moved northeast towards the town of Milford along with sporadic power lines down. Several trees, tree limbs and power lines were down within the town of Milford with a few streets closed due to blocked or unsafe roadways.  Other damage from the event included a partially rotten tree that fell into a parked van, destroying the back half of the van and lifting the front right wheel off the ground several inches.

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