National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce

A National Weather Service damage survey team was dispatched to Whitley and Allen Counties in Indiana to determine the extent of damage sustained in Tuesday's severe thunderstorms.  A swath of scattered wind damage was found to extend from near South Whitley to near Wallen, or just northwest of Fort Wayne.  Embedded in this swath of wind damage was a small EF0 tornado that removed a barn roof and deposited it 200 to 300 yards away in a soybean field.  In this field, a narrow path of soybeans was completely scoured and nearby trees were snapped off and uprooted.  This damage was consistent with winds of 75 mph and the convergent pattern indicated these winds were produced by an EF0 tornado.  Below is a map of the damage.  The map can be zoomed in and the placemarks can be clicked for more information.  When zoomed in, the path of the tornado can be seen by the purple line north of Lincolnway.


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