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Summary of July 22, 2011 Severe Thunderstorms

An outflow boundary from morning convection was the focus for thunderstorm development across the area. It moved from Illinois into the area by the early afternoon hours. Daytime heating allowed for moderate instability to develop across the County Warning Area (CWA). This combined with an area of convergence was enough to develop scattered thunderstorms, some of which became severe rather rapidly. These storms produced heavy rainfall and wind damage across the CWA.

Damage Survey of Warsaw/Winona Lake

A survey of damage was performed across the Warsaw/Winona Lake area. In addition, video footage and eyewitness accounts were reviewed. A funnel was observed on the leading edge of the storm. However, the damage across the area indicates a touchdown did not occur. Damage in the area started in the southwest parts of Warsaw and then spread out to affect much of the southern part of Warsaw into the town of Winona Lake. Other than some minor roof damage to a few businesses, structural damage was minimal. However, several "paths" of tree damage was found. This is consistent with a downburst. Winds were estimated at 85 to 90 mph.

The following is a summary of local storm reports we received.