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November tornadoes

All recorded November tornadoes in the present-day area of responsibility of the Northern Indiana National Weather Service Forecast Office

November 5, 2017

A strong and large EF3 tornado touches down just northeast of Eaton Indiana in Delaware county and travels 39 miles northeast through southeast Blackford, Jay, and much of Mercer county. This tornado lifted approximately 1 1/2 mile west of Celina Ohio. This tornado was one quarter to one third of a mile wide for much of its 1 hour and 6 minute life span. Numerous farms sustained moderate to major damage. Substantial tree and power infrastructure damage was also observed. Fortunately this dangerous tornado missed the larger communities of Eaton, Dunkirk, Portland and Celina. See our webpage for more information!

November 17, 2013

A historical tornado outbreak occurs across Indiana.  16 tornadoes touchdown in the Northern Indiana National Weather Service county warning area of responsibility.  7 of these tornadoes were significant (EF2 or greater intensity).  See our webpage for more information!

November 15, 2005

An F1 tornado touched down just southwest of Van Buren near the intersection of 200N and 600E, traveling 3 miles northeast before lifting near 400N and 800E in Grant county.  Damage was generally minor with the corner of a roof damaged to one home and several trees and powerlines taken down. There was also damage to several grain elevator augers.  As the tornado crossed I-69 just north of MM 66, a semi truck was blown off the road.

November 10, 2002

An F1 tornado touched down two miles southwest of Hartford City on Angling Road and headed northeast, through the north side of town, to three miles northeast of Hartford City.  The continuous track was five miles long.  There was evidence that this tornado may have briefly touched down several times  from northeast of Hartford City to east of Montpelier.

An F0 tornado briefly touched down near Petroleum, Indiana in Wells County.

An F3 tornado touched down two miles northeast of Berne and headed northeast.  Lifted at the state line near Salem.  Path length 5 miles.

Tornado touched down near Willshire and moved northeast for 53 miles to central Henry County.  The tornado lifted near Malinta, Ohio.  F4 damage occurred on Lincoln Highway west of Van Wert.  F4 damage also occurred at the intersection of Dull-Robinson and Zook roads.  There was one fatality at this location, as well as an injury.  A couple was in the upstairs portion of their home.  As the tornado approached the husband attempted to cover his wheelchair-bound wife.  As he was doing this the home was hit, and a projectile struck the husband in the back of his head.  His wife was sent to the hospital in critical condition.  Another casualty occurred when the tornado swept a car off the road near Van Wert's Twin Cinemas, killing the driver inside.  After leaving the city of Van Wert, the tornado was between F3 and F4 strength through the remainder of Van Wert County. The tornado maintained F3 strength through Paulding County and extreme northwest Putnam County.  Two more fatalities took place near Continental, Ohio, when the tornado destroyed a mobile home.  The twister then began to weaken, becoming F0 in strength across Henry County.

November 22, 1992

A tornado produced F1 damage during a very brief touchdown in Jay County at 5pm.  The twister was only 21 feet wide but managed to produce $25,000 damage.

November 17, 1978

Cass County, Indiana experienced a tornado with F1 strength winds at 9:50am.  The path was one mile long and 40 yards wide.  Damage totaled $25,000.

November 10, 1975

At 3:00am a tornado struck Huntington County, producing F1 damage and injuring 15 people.  The path was 2 miles long and 50 yards wide, and resulted in $250,000 damage.

November 26, 1965

A tornado produced F3 damage along a one mile long path three miles south of New Carlisle in St. Joseph County, Indiana at 8:46pm.  The tornado was 70 yards wide and did $250,000 damage.

November 11, 1911

At 11:00pm a tornado touched down just south of Waterloo, Indiana, in DeKalb County, proceeded directly through town, and then lifted after being on the ground for five miles.  Barns were destroyed south of town, one hundred buildings were damaged in Waterloo, freight cars were derailed, and the Waterloo opera house collapsed.  Damage was likely F2.  The path was 70 yards wide, and $75,000 damage was done (1911 dollars).


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