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Submitting a Storm Report


As technology continues to evolve, so do the methods to send reports of severe weather and other phenomena. For several years, the Espotter system has been a popular way to send reports to the National Weather Service, however it is no longer in service and has been replaced by a new electronic form:

Submit Report Image

In addition to the electronic form above, the following are the current means to provide weather reports to the Northern Indiana Office:

  • Toll Free Number (Spotters who have attended an NWS Sponsored Training have this number)
  • Twitter - You can follow us @nwsiwx and send reports to #nwsiwx
  • NWS Facebook -
  • Amateur Radio – WX9IWX - Frequencies monitored: 147.18 MHz, 146.88 MHz, 147.285 MHz or 145.43 MHz
  • Phone - 574-834-1104 8 am to 5 pm. Can be delays
  • Emergency Management - Check your local phone book for contact numbers. Can be delays.
  • Law Enforcement (911) - Significant Delays possible.

Spotter Reporting Criteria

If you are interested in becoming a spotter, click one of the following links to go to one of our Spotter program pages. Skywarn Spotter

For more details about Skywarn and reporting damage to the National Weather Service, send e-mail to the Warning Coordination Meteorologist - Michael Lewis.


For comments or question not related to these programs, send an email to the Webmaster link found below.

Last updated: March 21, 2014