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About Reg/Rep

ebXML RegRep is a standard defining the service interfaces, protocols and information model for an integrated registry and repository. The repository stores any type of digital content while the registry stores metadata that describes the content in the repository. The registry supports flexible queries to find metadata, content and related metadata. The metadata is extensible and may be classified and associated with other metadata.

The ebXML Registry provides flexible protocols enabling lifecycle and governance features such as authN, authZ, CRUD, validation, cataloging, versioning, subscription and notification. The registry also provides registration procedures for controlling change proposal submission, review and approval.

Multiple regreps may be federated together and searched usign federated queries.

ebXML RegRep functionality includes:

  • Governance Features
    • Lifecycle management
    • Registration Procedures
    • Registers
    • Cataloging
    • Validation
    • Versioning
  • Flexible Protocols and Interfaces (ebRS)
    • publish, manage, discover using SOAP, REST
  • Flexible Info Model (ebRIM)
    • Taxonomies
    • Classifications
    • References
    • Associations
    • Provenance
    • Services
    • Folders Queries
    • Events
  • Secure Architecture
    • Pluggable AuthN, Role-based AuthZ, Audit Trail, Single Sign on
  • Subscription and Notification
    • Selector query, delivery to email, SOAP endpoint, PUSH/PULL, HTML formatting
  • MultiServer Features
    • Federated Registries, Federated Queries, cross registry refs, replication and sychronization