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U.S. Drought Monitor 

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Drought Monitor for Southeast

Drought Monitor for North Carolina

The category of drought is defined as follows:

Abnormally Dry (D0):

Going into drought, short-term dryness slowing planting, growth of crops and pastures; fire risk above average.  Coming out of drought, some lingering water deficits, pastures or crops not fully recovered. 

Moderate Drought (D1):

Some damage to crops, pastures, fire risk high;         streams, reservoirs or wells low, some water shortage     developing or imminent,       voluntary water use             restrictions requested.             

Severe Drought (D2):

Crop or pasture loss likely,   fire risk very high, water       shortages common, water     restrictions imposed. 

Extreme Drought (D3):

Major crop/pasture losses,   extreme fire danger,             widespread water shortages or restrictions. 

Exceptional Drought (D4):

Exceptional and widespread crop and pasture losses,       exceptional fire risk,             shortages of water in           reservoirs, streams and       wells causing water             emergencies. 



Soil Moisture/Palmer Drought Index:
CPC daily soil moisture anomaly
CPC soil moisture anomaly trend

Crop Moisture Index







For wildfire potential, visit theNational Interagency Fire Center's Wildland Fire Assessment System.



 Precipitation Outlooks:

    Precipitation forecasts are available from  Weather Prediction Center (WPC) 

Day 1 - Rainfall amount forecast

Day 2 - Rainfall amount forecast

Image of 24 Hour HPC Deterministic QPF Image of 48 Hour HPC Deterministic QPF

Day 3 - Rainfall amount forecast

Day 4-5 - Rainfall amount forecast

Day 3 Rainfall amount forecast Days 4-5 Rainfall amount forecast

Day 6-7 - Rainfall amount forecast

7 Day Total - Rainfall amount forecast

Days 6-7 Rainfall amount forecast 7 Day Total Rainfall amount forecast


For probabilistic temperature and precipitation outlooks for week 2 and longer into
the future, 
consult the following Climate Prediction Center (CPC) Web Sites:

8 to 14 Day Outlook:

CPC 8-14 day outlook

30 Day Outlook:

90 Day Outlook:


Monthly and Seasonal Drought Outlooks:


CPC Monthlyl Drought Outlook

CPC Seasonal Drought Outlook