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                                   Wind Threat Graphics 


PLEASE READ: Zoom in and out for details across your area. Scroll down to see the entire map and additional information below. 

If the map is empty, there are no active tropical cyclone threats and potential impacts graphics available. The graphic shows wind threat levels from a system that might be impacting your area over the coming days or already is. Threat levels depicted account for forecast errors and incorporate a reasonable safety margin. The forecast for your area might call for tropical storm force winds but the threat level depicted is that of a hurricane. With that in mind, the threat levels depicted are meant to answer the following question: Given the latest information, what should I be planning for?

When you click on any given threat level depicted, an embedeed potential impact statement will display. This speaks to the potential effect from wind over that area should the depicted threat be realized. The potential impacts shown is what you should be preparing for. 


NOTE: Threat level and corresponding potential impact statements. When you click on the map above over a threat level, a more detailed potential impact statement customized for your area is displayed.


Wind Threat Potential Impacts From Wind


Potential for wind greater than 110 mph


To be safe, aggressively prepare for the potential of devastating to catastrophic wind impacts from major hurricane force wind of equivalent Category 3 intensity or higher.  


Potential for wind 74-110 mph


To be safe, aggressively prepare for the potential of extensive wind impacts from hurricane force wind of equivalent Category 1 or 2 intensity.  


Potential for wind 58-73 mph


To be safe, earnestly prepare for the potential of significant wind impacts from strong tropical storm force wind.  


Potential for wind 39-57 mph


To be safe, prepare for the potential of limited wind impacts from tropical storm force wind.  


Wind less than 39 mph


No immediate preparations needed; little to no wind impacts