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The Central Florida Tornado Outbreak of February 22nd & 23rd, 1998 


On February 22, 1998, a massive and powerful weather system approached central Florida from the northwest and Gulf of Mexico.  Later that night, thunderstorms associated with this storm system spawned three tornado-producing supercells, which killed 42 people.

The magnitude of the tornado outbreak is such that it would be difficult to meaningfully depict actual tornado damage in this format.  Intensive damage assessments and surveys have been conducted to make additional information available.



An Overview of the Tornado Tracks & Radar Graphics with Damage Pictures  (PDF)

Multifaceted General Overview of the East Central Florida Tornado Outbreak of 22-23 February 1998  (PDF)

Another Summary of the Outbreak (with products issued)  (PDF)

Service Assessment of the Tornado Outbreak  (PDF)



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