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Note to Users: The proper terminology for the warm, northward flowing ocean current offshore east central Florida is the "Florida Current." This current is part of the Gulf Stream System. The actual Gulf Stream Current begins off of Cape Hatteras and extends east northeastward across the Atlantic. Here is a link that describes the ocean currents in the Atlantic Ocean.

The use of the term "Gulf Stream" is used in common nomenclature, and even by many scientists to describe the ocean current offshore east central Florida. Therefore the Melbourne National Weather Service will continue referring to this current as the "Gulf Stream."

Approximate Gulf Stream Position (text product):
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Gulf Stream Images:
MODIS 1km Resolution Composite Images
NCOM analysis (Navy Coastal Ocean Model)

Navy Gulf Stream graphic
Rutgers Gulf Stream Images
Univ. Wisconsin-Madison Gulf Stream Images
RTOFS Sea Surface Temperature Forecast loop

Wave Heights in Gulf Stream Nomogram