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East Central Florida Rip Current Program

Program Leader: Krizia Negron


Latest Rip Current Risk
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Rip currents more deadly than Tornadoes, Hurricanes and Lightning combined, in east central Florida


East Central Florida Drowning Statistics (unofficial)
Rip Current Victim Data
High Surf Victim Data





Brevard Ocean Rescue YouTube Rip Current Video
NOAA Rip Current Web site National Ocean Service Rip Currents page
YouTube Rip Current Safety Video  (4.5 minutes)
(Dr. Rob Brander, coastal scientist, School of Biological, Earth and Environmental
Sciences, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia)

USLA (United States Lifesaving Association)
Rip Current Fact Sheet
Longshore Current Fact Sheet
Rip Current Brochure 


Subtle Weather Change Leading to Hundreds of Rip Current Rescues
at Daytona Beach, Florida on Memorial Day Weekend 2014 pdf

Low Wave Height/High Rescue Event in East Central Florida
 (presented at 2010 International Rip Current Symposium)

NWS Melbourne Rip Current Program pdf
Original NWS Melbourne Rip Current Initiative Page pdf
Typical Subtle Summer Rip Current Rescue Event--June 1999
COMET Rip Currents:  NWS Mission
COMET Rip Currents:  Forecasting
COMET Nearshore Fundamentals
Lushine Rip Current Forecasting Paper (1991) pdf

Photos of Rip Currents

Photo of Vero Beach rip current channel in sand bar after hurricane Jeanne
(taken by Dennis Decker)
(Note:  Erosion of sand caused by the hurricane built the large sand bar
and this picture was taken near HIGH tide)