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Arctic Front to Bring Areas of Heavy Snow and Bitter Cold

Heavy snow will shift into the Upper Midwest and Great Lakes as an arctic front continues south and east. Bitter cold and dangerous wind chills can be expected across the Northern Tier states and into the Central Great Plains. A Pacific weather system will bring a wintry mix in the mountains and rain to the lower elevations. Read More >


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WARNING: CAP v1.1 was not intended to be used to activate EAS and should not be used for that purpose. NWS CAP v1.1 format does not have all the data fields required to properly activate EAS and has been known to cause errors and problems in the dissemination of NWS weather alerts and warnings.

NOTE: Not all alerts and warnings (or weather products) may be available over the NWWS. In most cases, it is up to the issuing Weather Forecast Office (WFO) or Center to determine if dissemination via NWWS is appropriate.

Prior to 2009, the National Weather Service (NWS) has maintained an NWWS Excluded Product List. Until 2015, this list was implemented as a filter by the NWWS contractor before satellite or Internet dissemination to NWWS users. In 2015, NWS developed an enterprise NWWS to replace the leased service, and the Excluded Product List could not be filtered from a central NWS location. Weather Forecast Offices (WFOs) were requested to update the AWIPS NWWS Exclude File on the respective AWIPS. As WFOs update exclude files, these products will appear to go missing. These products can be found on other dissemination platforms or media (Click here FTP/WEBSITE PRODUCTS LINKS for where to locate EMWIN or other NWS products.).