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Life-Threatening Storm Surge, Devastating Wind Damage, and Considerable Flooding Expected with Major Hurricane Ian

Major Hurricane Ian will approach the west coast of Florida into Wednesday. Life-threatening storm surge is likely with the highest risk from Naples to Sarasota. Devastating wind damage is expected near the core of Ian. Considerable flooding is expected with widespread, prolonged moderate to major river flooding expected across central Florida. Tornadoes are possible in central and south Florida. Read More >

NOAA Weather Wire Service

The National Weather Service (NWS) enterprise National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Weather Wire Service (NWWS) provides television and radio broadcasters, emergency managers, commercial / private alerting services, and the general public the fastest receipt of current weather information, alerts and warnings sent in text format from the local NWS Weather Forecast Offices and National Centers.

NWWS has been designed to use both an Internet (NWWS-Open Interface) and a Satellite product source (SBN/NOAAPORT Channel 201).  Use of both is highly recommended to achieve a >98% product availability rating.  The NWWS Open Interface will experience planned and unplanned outages up to three times per month; with planned outages lasting on average between 10 minutes to less than 4-hours.  See the CONFIGURATION tab for setup requirements.


NWWS-OI Status:

For NWS SBN/NOAAPORT users (especially NWWS-PID-201), there is a planned satellite transition from Galaxy-28 to Galaxy-31 by April 2023.


Email issues to

Outages for NWWS-OI typically last between 30 - 60 minutes.

If your system is still having connection issues, please restart your software application. Thank you.


Current Status
NWWS Satellite Service, SBN/NOAAPORT  Channel 201 on Galaxy-28 Operational
NWWS-Open Interface(NWWS-OI) Primary server
NWWS-Open Interface(NWWS-OI) Backup server
Next Server Transition TBD


Outages for NWWS-OI typically last between 30 - 60 minutes.

If your system is off-line or having trouble reconnecting after an outage, a system reset or restart should clear up the problem. If not, e-mail

Please note that NOTICES for planned outages will be posted when known. Thank you for your understanding.





Local Emergency Management Agency Notifications
Interactive NWS (iNWS)


NOAA Weather Radio (162.400 MHz – 162.550 MHz)


NOAA Weather Wire Service (NWWS)
NWS FTP Anonymous
Active Alerts


EMWIN (GOES East/West)
SBN/NOAAPORT PID 101-108 (all NWS products)
SBN/NOAAPORT PID 201 (NWWS products only)


Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) – (English/Spanish)
Commercial Weather applications – (Multi-lingual alerts possible)
Local Emergency Management Agency Notifications


RCA AlertGuard Televison (English/Spanish)