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Heavy Rain and Snow with Northeast Storm; Fire Weather Concerns In Southern California

A large Fall storm system will slowly shift north into eastern Canada through tonight. Heavy lake enhanced snow will continue falling south and east of Lakes Erie and Ontario while heavy rain is producing some isolated flooding across portions of Maine. Meanwhile, elevated fire weather conditions are expected in southern California this week with gusty offshore winds and dry conditions. Read More >

NOAA Weather Wire Service

The National Weather Service (NWS) enterprise National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Weather Wire Service (NWWS) provides television and radio broadcasters, emergency managers, commercial / private alerting services, and the general public the fastest receipt of current weather information, alerts and warnings sent in text format from the local NWS Weather Forecast Offices and National Centers.

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7 December 2020 MONTHLY SERVER TRANSITION (Primary to Backup)‚Äč
Transition will begin at 10:00 EST (1500Z). There may be a 10-90 minute data outage as systems synchronize.

Current Status


NWWS Satellite Service, SBN/NOAAPORT  Channel 201 on Galaxy-28 Operational
NWWS-Open Interface(NWWS-OI) Primary server  Stand-By
NWWS-OI  Backup server Operational
Next Server Transition  7 December 2020

Note: This status is only updated during normal NWS business hours (M-F)  Eastern Standard Time (EST)

Monthly server transitions occur on the 2nd full week on the month (generally on Monday and re-transitioning back on Wednesday) beginning at 1500 Zulu (10 am EST on each day). There may be a temporary product outage lasting 10-90 minutes as software patches and security updates are verified and databases synchronize.  Actual day and time of transition may be affected by Critical Weather Day (CWD) declaration(s) (, other scheduled NWS system/priority changes, or unscheduled emergencies.

Please restart your systems after a scheduled server transition to ensure your account is properly connected to the NWWS-OI chatroom.




Local Emergency Management Agency Notifications
Interactive NWS (iNWS)


NOAA Weather Radio (162.400 MHz – 162.550 MHz)


NOAA Weather Wire Service (NWWS)
NWS FTP Anonymous
Active Alerts


EMWIN (GOES East/West)
SBN/NOAAPORT PID 101-108 (all NWS products)
SBN/NOAAPORT PID 201 (NWWS products only)


Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) – (English/Spanish)
Commercial Weather applications – (Multi-lingual alerts possible)
Local Emergency Management Agency Notifications


RCA AlertGuard Televison (English/Spanish)