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Arctic Front to Bring Areas of Heavy Snow and Bitter Cold

Heavy snow will shift into the Upper Midwest and Great Lakes as an arctic front continues south and east. Bitter cold and dangerous wind chills can be expected across the Northern Tier states and into the Central Great Plains. A Pacific weather system will bring a wintry mix in the mountains and rain to the lower elevations. Read More >

NWS will be changing from primary to backup on or about the Monday of the second week of each month; returning to the primary configuration by the following Thursday.  This timeline can be delayed or extended based on declared holidays and Critical Weather Days ( (Oct 2019)



  • Do not erase this line script injected text goes here.
  • Outages for NWWS-OI typically last between 30 - 60 minutes.


Here are the top 6-reasons there may be an authentication failure;

  • User_id or Password is incorrect; these are case sensitive.
  • Firewall(s) have not been adjusted.
  • Port assignment is not "5223".
  • Router was not configured properly.
  • Not connecting to
  • Applications accessing resources on need to provide a User-Agent header in any HTTP request. Requests without a user agent are automatically blocked. This policy is due to a small number of clients utilizing resources far in excess of what most would consider reasonable. We recommend providing a user agent string in the following format:


    ApplicationName/vX.Y (


    This will both uniquely identify your application and allow us to contact you and work with you if we observe abnormal application behavior that may result in a block.


    Sample Links

    Software Syntax

    WeatherSoftware/v2.0 (http://www.Weather Company; POC FirstName.POC

    Modification to ID user if needed;
    WeatherSoftware/v2.0 (http://www.Weather Company; POC; UserID Tracking # or e-mail)
    Individual Developers (variation)
    MyJava/v7.1 ( , personal URL or blank; Applicable Company or personal e-mail)

    Again, this will both uniquely identify the application used and allow us to contact you and work with you if we observe abnormal application behavior that may result in a block.


If after checking the above you still have an issue, use the NWWS Help e-mail ( to describe the error code you are receiving (or problem) and we will try to assist.

Remember: Only one (1) program on one (1) computer can use the assigned user_id and password to log into the NWWS Open Interface (OI). Violating this will crash your system(s).


End User Client (EUC) Issues

1. If using the NWS EUC and your system is running slower than usual or appears frozen multiple copies of the EUC may be open. Close all EUC windows and restart.

2. Wrong bit rate (32 or 64) software program is used (NWWS End User Client specific).

3. The EUC will not be updated or modified to meet current or future system requirements.

4. The NWS EUC (for Windows 7/8) is no longer available or maintained.

5. The EUC (for Windows 7/8) does not allow user modifications. Some EUC users have experienced problems accessing the backup site.  


CAP v1.2

  • Latest Service Change Notice (SCN)
  • NWWS-OI and SBN/NOAAPORT Channel 201 will not have the CAP v1.2 format at this time. NWWS requires native CAP v1.2 generation from the Weather Forecast Office (WFO) Advanced Weather Interactive Processing System (AWIPS) for NWS Enterprise wide dissemination.
  • SBN/NOAAPORT Channels 101-108 (which are all NWS products including alerts and warnings) has the CAP v1.2 format as described in the SCN.
  • See also NWWS FAQ #6.