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Now that 2017 is officially in the books, let’s take a look back on the yearly review. For the 2nd straight year, temperatures were well above normal across our region, with all 3 of our official climate stations ranking in the top 10 warmest years on record. Paducah, KY tied 2016 for 3rd warmest year and Evansville tied 2016 for 7th warmest. In Cape Girardeau, MO it was tied for the 7th warmest year. The only months that experienced below normal temperatures in Paducah and Evansville were August and December.

As for precipitation, a large portion of the area experienced drier than normal conditions. However, portions of the Ozark Foothills of Missouri, the Pennryile region of west Kentucky, and along the Tennessee border in Kentucky experienced near to above normal precipitation. In Missouri, this was largely due to the excessive spring rainfall, before the drought set in later in the year. For western Kentucky, the remnants of several tropical systems played a big part. It was officially the 4th driest year on record in Cape Girardeau. However, due to an equipment problem no data was recorded at Cape Girardeau Airport for the excessive rainfall event of April 29th and 30th. Therefore, the top 10 driest ranking comes with a disclaimer**. For a look back on some notable events from the year take a look at our Top 10 events of 2017 webpage.


2017 Annual Review: Precipitation Maps
Climate Maps are from the Northeast Regional Climate Center



2017 Annual Summary
Listings of normals and records for Paducah, Evansville, and Cape Girardeau


Annual Climate Report: Paducah  |  Evansville  |  Cape Girardeau


Monthly Records
Listing of records for Paducah, Evansville, and Cape Girardaeu