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Here is a summary of all of the 2017 tornadoes in our area. There were 30 total, including the nation's strongest tornado for the year, the EF-4 tornado that struck Perryville, MO with peak winds of 185 mph. The track of the Perryville tornado and the Crossville, IL tornado on February 28th was close to the same track as the 1925 Tri-State Tornado. The two most significant events of the year occurred on the evening of February 28th into the early morning hours of March 1st and on March 9th. Although night-time tornadoes are common in our region, here was an unusually high number for 2017. 21 of the 30 (70%) tornadoes occurred while it was dark. Below you will find an interactive map showing all of the tornado tracks for the year. If you zoom in on a certain tornado track, you can view more detailed information. The second tab (Statistics/Tables) has more information regarding the tornadoes in 2017.

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