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About the National Weather Service (NWS):
Hierarchy of the National Weather Service
National Weather Service Offices: National Map
Link to all NWS offices and support centers
NOAA/NWS All Hazards Monitor
All National Weather Service Products (extensive list)

NWS Paducah Products:
National Weather Service Products and Descriptions
Interpreting the Area Forecast Matrices and Point Forecast Matrices
Graphical Forecasts for the NWS Paducah area
Non-Weather Related Emergency Message Guidelines
What is POP (Probability of Precipitation?)
NWS Forecast Tutorial Presentation (.pdf 5.8 MB)

Skywarn Spotter Program:
Skywarn Spotter Training Program (FAQs)
Skywarn Weather Spotter Training Schedule
Enhanced Fujita Scale
Skywarn Weather Spotters Field Guide (.pdf)
Glossary of weather terms for spotters

NWS Watch and Warning Program:
Storm Based Warnings Explanation
National Radar Mosaic (Click on map for local radar)
Storm Prediction Center
NWS "Hot Seat" Warning Simulator (from NWS Peachtree GA)
Past weather events across the quad state area

NOAA Weather Radio: 
NOAA Weather Radio webpage
NOAA Weather Radio Fact Sheet
County codes for counties in NWS Paducah's area

Weather Information Now (Recorded Weather Info):
NWS Paducah's Weather Information Now (WIN)
Phone numbers for other recorded weather information across the country

Weather Radar (WSR-88D)
Radar school
What is a VCP?
What is the difference between base and composite reflectivity?
What is the difference between base and storm relative velocity?
Where can I learn more about the ENHANCED radar view on the internet?
Radar FAQs
More Radar FAQs
National Doppler Radar Sites

AHPS (Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service) info
AHPS website for the NWS Paducah area

Weather Observations:
What is ASOS?
What is a METAR?
Decoding METARs
Surface weather plots
Surface weather plot symbols
Plotted METARs

Climate Information:

For the latest observed weather reports for our area including:

Daily Climate Report (CLI)
Preliminary Climatology Data (CF6)
Record Event Report (RER)
Monthly Climate Report (CLM)
Regional Temperature and Precipitation Summary (RTP) here.

For the climate prediction and variability information including:

6-10 day outlook
8-14 day outlook
Monthly and Seasonal Outlooks
El Nino/La Nina
Drought Information
Intraseasonal Oscillations

and much here.

For the links to climate resources such as:

Climate Information Outside the Local Office Area
National Climate Information
International Climate Information here

For climate information such as:

Evansville, IN normals and records
Paducah, KY normals and records
Detailed annual reviews
Local tornado history since 1880
Historic snowfalls
Holiday weather

...and here

For links to astronomical information such as:

Sunrise/Sunset & Moonrise/Moonset
Phases of the Moon
Tides and Currents
Tide Predictor
Official U.S. Time here.

For the official source of climate data, visit the National Climatic Data Center.

Severe weather safety tips
Weather safety website
Lightning safety
Flood safety
Excessive heat safety
Winter weather safety
Turn Around, Don't Drown
FEMA Disaster Information
Severe Weather Preparedness for schools (From NWS Memphis)

Safety & Preparedness for Children
Safety coloring books for children
Owlie Skywarn coloring book
The Be Ready Coloring Book from the Red Cross
FEMA Weather Safety For Kids
Weather For Kids

(All brochures are in pdf format)

Tornado Safety
Severe Thundestorm Safety
Lightning Safety
Flood Safety
Heat Safety
Winter Weather Safety
NOAA Weather Radio
NWS Paducah KY Office
Weather Safety for the Great Outdoors
Boating Safety

For many more National Weather Service brochures,click here.

NWS Online Weather School
Weather Glossary
Heat Index Chart
Wind Chill Chart
Tornado FAQs (from the Storm Prediction Center)
Weather Calculator
Weather Guides (Courtesy of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Weather Modules for all ages (COMET/UCAR)
Weather Education for Elementary School Science Education
Weather Education for Middle School Science Education
Weather Education for High School Science Education
NOAA Weather Photo Library
Severe Weather (NSSL)
Billion Dollar U.S. Weather Disasters

Career options in Meteorology
Meteorology careers in the NWS
More meteorology career links
Careers in Atmospheric Research and Applied Meteorology (AMS)

Last updated March 20, 2015