National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce
Forecast Information
Product   Abbr.  
Zone Forecast Product   ZFPPAH  
Area Forecast Matrices   AFMPAH  
Point Forecast Matrices   PFMPAH  
Regional Weather Summary   RWSPAH  
Area Forecast Discussion   AFDPAH  
Special Weather Statement   SPSPAH  
Hazardous Weather Outlook   HWOPAH  
Thunderstorm/Tornado Information
Product   Abbr.  
Tornado Warning   TORPAH  
Severe Thunderstorm Warning   SVRPAH  
Severe Weather Statement   SVSPAH  
Watch County Notification   WCNPAH  
Flood/Hydrologic Information
Product   Abbr.  
Flood Watch   FFAPAH  
Flash Flood Warning   FFWPAH  
Flash Flood Statement   FFSPAH  
Flood Warning   FLWPAH  
Flood Statement   FLSPAH  
Hydrologic Outlook   ESFPAH  
Hydrologic Summary   RVAPAH  
Hydrologic Statement   RVSPAH  
Drought Statement   DGTPAH  
Other Hazardous Weather Information
Product   Abbr.  
Winter Weather Bulletin  (WSW Definitions)   WSWPAH  
Non-Precipitation Bulletin (NPW Definitions)   NPWPAH  
Local Storm Report   LSRPAH  
Air Quality Alert   AQAPAH  
Fire Weather Forecasts
Product   Abbr.  
Red Flag Warning   RFWPAH  
Fire Weather Forecast   FWFPAH  
Fire Weather Point Forecast   FWMPAH  
Climate Reports
Product   Abbr.  
Paducah Daily Climate Report   CLIPAH  
Evansville Daily Climate Report   CLIEVV  
Cape Girardeau Daily Climate Report   CLICGI  
Poplar Bluff Daily Climate Report   CLIPOF  
Carbondale Daily Climate Report   CLIMDH  
Paducah Monthly Climate Report   CLMPAH  
Evansville Monthly Climate Report   CLMEVV  
Cape Girardeau Monthly Climate Report   CLMCGI  
Poplar Bluff Monthly Climate Report   CLMPOF  
Carbondale Monthly Climate Report   CLMMDH  
Paducah Annual Climate Report   CLAPAH  
Evansville Annual Climate Report   CLAEVV  
Cape Girardeau Annual Climate Report   CLACGI  
Poplar Bluff Annual Climate Report   CLAPOF  
Carbondale Annual Climate Report   CLAMDH  
Paducah Seasonal Climate Report   CLSPAH  
Evansville Seasonal Climate Report   CLSEVV  
Cape Girardeau Seasonal Climate Report   CLSCGI  
Poplar Bluff Seasonal Climate Report   CLSPOF  
Carbondale Seasonal Climate Report   CLSMDH  
Paducah Record Report   RERPAH  
Evansville Record Report   REREVV  
Cape Girardeau Record Report   RERCGI  
Poplar Bluff Record Report   RERPOF  
Carbondale Record Report   RERMDH  
Aviation Forecasts
Product   Abbr.  
Terminal Aerodrome Forecasts      
     Cape Girardeau   TAFCGI  
     Evansville   TAFEVV  
     Paducah   TAFPAH  
     Owensboro   TAFOWB  
     Mt. Vernon   TAFMVN  
Other Information
Product   Abbr.  
Temp and Precip Summary   RTPPAH  
CoCoRaHS Daily Summary   LCOPAH  
Civil Emergency Message   CEMPAH  
Public Information Statement   PNSPAH  
Paducah Radar Information   FTMPAH  
Hopkinsville Radar Information   FTMHPX  
Evansville Radar Information   FTMVWX