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This is NWSPaducah's Social Media Monitoring page. You can follow the feeds, whether or not you have social media accounts. The top 2 feeds are from NWSTwitter accounts. Tweets from @NWSPaducah are on the left. On the right is a feed of the latest Severe Tstorm and Tornado Warnings tweeted automatically for southeast MO, southern IL, southwest IN, and western KY and nearby counties. The bottom two columns include our Facebook posts on the left and our YouTube Multimedia Briefing playlist on the right. You can view our latest and previous MultiMedia weather briefings. We recommend IE, Safari, or Chrome browsers. Firefox users, see  below.

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Note for Firefox users: The Twitter feeds may not display correctly. You can fix this, by typing about:config in your address bar. From there, search for trackingprotection. Disable trackingprotection by changing your setting to false (right mouse click, then toggle). Restart Firefox.