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Spring Severe Weather Safety and Preparedness Campaigns 2021:

Statewide Severe Weather Safety and Preparedness Campaigns are an opportunity to increase awareness and promote preparedness of severe weather hazards and also to promote an increase in the level of response. They are scheduled in the spring, targeting a time before the spring severe weather "season" typically begins in each state. Below are the dates of the spring severe weather safety campaigns in IL, IN, MO and KY:

ILLINOIS: March 1st-5th                     INDIANA: March 14th-20th                    MISSOURI: March 1st-5th               KENTUCKY: March 1st-7th 

We will conduct a tornado drill during awareness weeks. A test tornado warning will be issued at a predetermined time (see below). Please mark your calendar and plan to participate in the drill for your local area. This is an opportunity to test your communication methods as if it were a real situation. The best time to prepare for severe weather -  is BEFORE it strikes. 


ILLINOIS: No communication drill - but RWT code (Routine Weekly Test) will be sent out to promote preparedness activities
on March 2, 2021 around 10:00 am CST

INDIANA: March 16, 2021 TOR Code 9:15 am CDT

MISSOURI: March 2, 2021 TOR Code 10:00 am CST

KENTUCKY: March 16, 2021 TOR Code 9:15 am CDT

During these various severe weather awareness weeks for each of the states we serve, we will be sending out daily graphics on our social media platforms (Facebook & Twitter). The graphics we plan on sending each day are in the tabs below. Please Share/Retweet to share this knowledge with others.

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