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National Air Quality Forecast Capability Summary

  • Improving the Basis for AQ Alerts
  • AQ Information for People at Risk
  AQ Alerts Prior to NAQFC Current NOAA's Operational Capability (2016)
Purpose - Limit adverse effects from poor AQ, by providing: Next-day warnings for large cities State-of-the-science ozone, smoke, dust and fine particulate matter (PM2.5) forecast guidance
Products for Public Daily AQ alerts; predicted interpretive AQ Index category Hour-by-hour predictions of ozone, smoke, dust and PM2.5 concentrations in digital & graphical formats
Coverage More than 300 cities Nationwide for ozone, smoke and PM2.5, CONUS for dust
Pollutants Forecasted AQ Index for ozone; some cities include particulate matter Ground-level ozone, dust, smoke and PM2.5
Forecast Period Next-day; also through weekends Forecast guidance through midnight next day
Spatial Resolution Alerts are community-wide; little/ no other spatial information 12 kilometer grid
Temporal Resolution Daily 1-hr averages each hour for ozone, smoke, and dust
8-hr averages each hour for ozone