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Heavy Rainfall Along the Eastern Seaboard; Dangerous Heat Wave Shifting East Next Week

Showers and thunderstorms may produce heavy to excessive rainfall along the east coast today. The associated rainfall will likely create localized areas of flash and urban flooding. An extremely dangerous heat wave will shift into portions of the central and eastern U.S. late this weekend, lasting through the next work week. Widespread daily record high temperatures are expected. Read More >



On June 17th 1978, a tornado struck very near the Whippoorwill Showboat on Lake Pomona in Osage county causing it to capsize. This very unusual and unique disaster resulted in 16 deaths and 3 injuries among the 58 passengers and crew aboard. Although the deaths were due to drowning when the vessel overturned, they were attributed to the tornado; making it one of the worst tornado death tolls in Kansas history. Nationwide media coverage was focussed on Kansas and this tornado for many days after the tragic event. People who boarded the Whippoorwill for an evening of fun and entertainment, likely never imagined what a historical catastrophe they were in for.

The tornado formed very rapidly around 7pm, cut an erratic but generally eastward path about 8 miles long before dissipating near the small community of Michigan Valley. Witnesses sighted 3 funnels rotating around the main vortex, which itself was no more than about 150 yards wide. Some people reported more than one tornado in the area.

Although damage was also reported to campers, trees and power lines in and near the lake, this tornado should have been relatively insignificant and generally the "norm" in Kansas. The exception occurred when the winds from the tornado capsized the Whippoorwill Showboat causing the 16 deaths. This incident shows that ALL tornadoes, no matter how small or short-lived, demand our respect, and have the potential to cause damage, injuries and fatalities, even when they do not make a direct strike.