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November 15th, 1988 Topeka Tornado

The 1988 tornado that hit Topeka serves as a reminder that tornadoes can indeed impact our area in any month of the year. Although rare, these cold season events are still capable of producing tornadoes that can do damage and cause injury. Staying prepared year round is critical for residents across the plains. 

Here is the write up from the event:

"A narrow but strong tornado touched down in the southwest portion of Topeka shortly after 2pm CST.  The tornado then moved northeastward at 50 mph, doing considerable damage to homes, cars and businesses in the area. The tornado was on the ground about 30 percent of its 5 mile long path.  The majority of the damage was F0 to F1, but a few homes in the 29th and Wanamaker Road area had roofs completely torn off. Topeka West High School had many windows blown out with considerable damage to dozens of car windows in the school's parking lot.  A total of 22 persons suffered minor injuries from flying glass and debris. Damage totals included 107 residences and 15 business units with an estimated dollar amount of 3.9 million. "

Photos from StormData:

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