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Tornado Hits Reading & Quenemo, KS


Several tornados touched down across Lyon and Osage Counties Last Saturday evening.  The strongest of these was an EF3 tornado that went through Reading, KS.  A single story home in Reading was swept off its foundation with several other two story homes suffering significant damage or complete lose of the second story.  Later in the night, another tornado developed over Quenemo and touched down on the west side of town destroying a couple structures.  In all there where 4 tornados on the evening of the 21st from just north of Emporia to just south of Pomona.  


Reflectivity and Storm Relative velocity images of the supercell storms that produced the tornados 21 May 2011

The storm that produced the tornados moved northeast out of Chase County into Lyon County. As it did the thunderstorm moved into a more favorable environment with a moist air mass and increasing low level shear and began rotating near Emporia.  The thunderstorm continued to track east and northeast across Osage and Franklin Counties before exiting Franklin County after midnight.

North of EmporiaNorth of EmporiaBetween Emporia and Reading

 Images of the tornado north of Emporia before hitting Reading.

 Damage in ReadingDamage West of ReadingHome Swept off its FoundationMajor damage to second story of home. Agricultural Chemical Tank thrown 100 yards through one home into anotherTown Post Office




Damaged Garage in QuenemoMore damage in QuenemoTree Damage Southwest of Pomona

Damage in Quenemo and southwest of Pomona.